You've Been Leading Me On / My Heart's Not In It Anymore

Oliver : OLR 2002

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  • Artist: Steinways
  • A Side: You've Been Leading Me On
  • B Side: My Heart's Not In It Anymore
  • Label: Oliver
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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When it comes to Northern Soul classics with the bonus of a great B-side into the bargain, the genius of Charlie Calello and the Steinways ensures that box is well and truly ticked.

I'm pretty sure, I always mention my first introduction to this record, but it did have such a profound affect upon me in 1972. When Simon Soussan mail my friend MIchael Butcher a sales cassette. A C90 adorned with Lou Ragland - I Travel Alone, Willie Hutch - Love Runs Out, Sam Moutrie - I'll Always Love You, Major Harris - Call Me Tomorrow and the Steinways - You've Been Leading Me have now stayed in my head for 48 years, like it was yesterday. With a vivid picture of a battered white transit van chugging up the M6 towards the Blackpool Mecca, 12 not so cool Soul delinquents high on anticipation on what the Highland Room would bring into our lives this weekend, with this SS cassette setting the backdrop for a weekend of inspirational Northern Soul we were sure.

Most of this particular cassette's play list became Northern Soul monsters which were subsequently bootlegged, with two glaring exceptions Major Harris and The Steinways escaped that sad fate. Neither song, although much loved, never received the pinnacle of public demand.. then but through the decades have built up a strong respectful cult following. Which when the flipside "My Heart's Not In It Anymore " became recognized as being every note as good. It's countrywide admiration was set in stone, chiseled deep by the fact there was no easy access to a copy, no bootleg or reissue until well into this century.

It became a very wanted 45, through it's double-edged quality and annoying elusiveness.

Before you today, is neat clean copy, two bright crisp labels so often storage rub has took a toll on the vivid green, the neat clean vinyl a few light hairlines. that lead girl vocal still elevates my senses back to the northbound M6

do not pass by hours of listening and dancing pleasure await the new owner, and for me a transportation back to the best years of my youth....

Condition Report

Two clean labels, no little or no storage rub, good gloss revealing light hairlines, none of which

A Side

  • Title: You've Been Leading Me On

    B Side

  • Title: My Heart's Not In It Anymore
  • Year: 1968
  • City: New York, N.Y.