Gonna Need Magic / Dreamin'

Veep: V 1254 DJ


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  • Artist: Star-Treks
  • A Side: Gonna Need Magic
  • B Side: Dreamin'
  • Label: Veep
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: dol
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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A gathering of alluring Philly ladies pull you into their irresistible charms, their entrapment could not be stronger. As Philly doyens Neil Brain & Bob "Girl Across The Street" Finiz pull together this one-off girl-gathering, resulting in stunning Northern Soul. Early December of 1966 these two Philly boys got together and crafted one of the finest Northern-Soul girl-group dancers of all time, but amazingly has yet to break through that "underplayed" barrier and hit the "NS classic" status it so deserves.

Bob Finiz, was such a gifted lyricist, is joined by former teen-idol Neil Brian. Between them they conjure up lyrics of girl rivalry, transmitting smug confidence. Sending out the message "her boy is not gonna take a blind bit of notice of her opposition"; no matter how hard she tries to look gorgeous. The song is littered with cutting lines, girl-bitchiness and outrageous self-belief. Running at the same pace and rhythms as "Girl Across The Street" Finiz lifts the production yet another notch with scything strings and battering percussion. Finiz and his huge contribution to Northern Soul with his skill for building an arrangement. His guided by "jingle king" Bob Lowden who peppers the flow with searing strings and 12 bore drumming. It slowly rises up and beyond your first expectations.

This is absolutely brilliant Northern Soul that has snoozed for too long; the occasional stirrings or lifting it's head off the pillow is not enough for this wonderful sleeper. It requires a DJ with influence and persistence and this tune will be a monster at the Weekender and allniters across the country.

Who actually are the Star-treks has never been made clear to me, but they are, on this showing (their only 45 release) certainly every note as accomplished as the Sapphires, Three Degrees, Sherrys etc or any other girl-group from the city of Brotherly (not sisterly) Love.

PS the flipside is great also..

Condition Report

Tiny date on flipside label 2-27-67, a-side label is totally clean. Vinyl reveals only the merest of sleeve storage hairlines, as you can hear it plays beautifully clean. What a tune!

A Side

  • Title: Gonna Need Magic

    B Side

  • Title: Dreamin'
  • Year: 27th February 1967
  • City: Philadelphia, Pa