Soul Twins

Quick Change Artist / Give The Man A Chance

Karen: 1533 DJ

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  • Artist: Soul Twins
  • A Side: Quick Change Artist
  • B Side: Give The Man A Chance
  • Label: Karen
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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RARE white demo of this Golden Torch / Catacombs / Blackpool Mecca signature play.

A record that epitomized the very style of Northern Soul that allowed the caged Soul-Boys heart to run-free; on an amphetamine driven frenzy dance-floor gymnastics. "Quick Change Artist" was the starting pistol for a spectacular vista of NOrthern Soul dancefloor mayhem. Head-grabbing spins, shoulder high backdrops, circle-skirt twirls and wide arm hand-clapping the jell the dancers into one foaming mass of gyration.

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL - Detroit Northern Soul at it's most unforgiving, an unstoppable torrent of dance Soul. Then again, what would you expect from a Mike Terry and Ollie McLaughlin blowout.

But again this disc hides a bonus on the flipside "Give The Man a Chance" is one of my all-time favourite Northern Soul records, it has lay undisturbed for decades eclipsed by the a-side's reputation and power. But "Give The Man A Chance" is a top tune demanding DJ attention. Shimmering from Ollie's piano stroke and Mike's burping Baritone. As Johnny Griffin & Richard Greene play verbal-volleyball with the lyrics. This is Northern Soul at it's very best, previously neglected and perched ready to inject some life into a flagging DJ set, wrapped in the tinder capable of sparking a room, tedious with the "same old, same old" Northern classics...

There has been a few DJ's over the years give this side a play or two.. but quality demands more than just a brief airing. Records of this standard need to be driven hard and often.. the current Northern Soul faithful deserve records of this calibre when they go to a club. Or if they demand something they are familiar with just drop "Quick Change Artist" it's a guaranteed floor-destroyer.

Condition Report

Two unblemished labels, vinyl carries a few hairlines,plays perfectly. But to my utter destress I just located a minuscule hairline, that even the eagle-eyed Stella missed when cleaning the surfaces. It is tight, it is hard to see. Does nt affect play in the slightest and will received a Manship Pro-fix.. once I can stop crying..

A Side

  • Title: Quick Change Artist

    B Side

  • Title: Give The Man A Chance
  • Year: 1967
  • City: Detroit, Mich