Collectors Soul # 2 and # 3

Collectors Soul # 2 and # 3

Collectors Soul : Collectors Soul


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  • Artist: Collectors Soul # 2 and # 3
  • A Side: Collectors Soul # 2 and # 3
  • Label: Collectors Soul
  • Format: Magazine



  • Vinyl Condition: E+

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Out of all the "bedroom publishing" fanzine surrounding Soul Music this short lived 1970 project priced at a meager 2 shillings, is self publication at it's rarest. I've never seen # 1 but am most please to witness for the first time # 2 & # 3.

Gloucestershire based this "Brockworth" enterprise was a mix of Soul vinyl & artists information and a platform to sell records from. Editor A. R. Berry would charged 1 shilling and 6 pence for you list your records for sale. This listing mae very interesting reading. As does a story on The Invitations, The Bandwagon, Billy Preston, Marvin Gaye etc. Letters to the editor capture the mood of 1970 completely.

A discography on Major Lance already establish a Soul hero, two years before his legendary "Torch" appearance..

# 3 had expanded it's contributions base, addinng Jim Wilson, T. Capper, Fred Benson etc to their team. Bios on The Capitols, Marvelettes, Msarvin Gaye (again)

Condition Report

Excellent condition throughout, no tears, rips or writing

A Side

  • Title: Collectors Soul # 2 and # 3

    B Side

  • Year: 1970


  • Additional Information: Gloucestershire, UK