Solomon King

This Beautiful Day / Say A Prayer

Columbia : DB 8676 DJ


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  • Artist: Solomon King
  • A Side: This Beautiful Day
  • B Side: Say A Prayer
  • Label: Columbia
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A legendary British creation, from a Kentuckian crooner, that actually took multi-national input; first from the pen of French speaking America songwriter Nanette Workman, who spent most of her career working out of Quebec Canada, Scotland provided the arranger Nicky Welsh, whilst the British contribution came from a producer who often called himself "Dwayne Detroit".. this cocktail of unity made even stranger by the fact, "This Beautiful Day" started life as a UK flipside, as UK EMI desperately search for a recording to emulate Solomon's huge success with "She Wears My Ring" 3 years earlier. Then a year later EMI change the artist name to Levi Jackson - reissued "This Beautiful Day" as the a-side in the hope it would sell on the wave of Soul music enthusiasm sweep the UK. it of coarse passed by unnoticed, leaving another British rarity to chasse.

Before you today, is the May 1970 first press promo, in magnificent condition. A British born Northern Soul classic that fill the dancefloors since the very early 70's., a record that failed to sell but was swiftly deleted from the EMI catalogue. Secretly brought back to life under a pseudonym 15 months later. Leaving the Northern Soul DJ / collector with two choices, but you gotta go with the FIRST PRESS 15 month earlier, than go with the fancy name EMI remarketed it with..

A Top 500 classic in it's rarest, in its most alluring format...

from"Levi Jackson" as EMI try just one more time to break into the rare Soul dance market, but failed.

Almost Soussan-esque EMI rechristened Solomon King as Levi Jackson - but the potency of "This Beautiful Day" failed again to get noticed..

the rest is history.. a timeless classic slab of Northern Soul. One of Britain's most-wanted British Soul 45 releases, is presented here as the gorgeous 1970 green & white promo.

An irresistible vinyl vista giving up overwhelming Northern Soul.

The lure of the British promo could not be stronger...
Multi-natoional input from

Condition Report

Two flawless promo labels, fine clean vinyl, please note there is a solitary scratch that triggers some dull clicks after 1/2 way, listen to the soundfile. That still leaves yuou staggered by the sledgehammer destructive power of this timeless Northern Soul classi, click stand back and to unleash it's shuddering personality, prepare to be blown you away.

A Side

  • Title: This Beautiful Day

    B Side

  • Title: Say A Prayer
  • Year: 1st May 1970
  • City: United Kingdom