Don't Waste My Time / Girl, I Love You

Pzazz : 007 MANSHIP MINT

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  • Artist: Sinceres
  • A Side: Don't Waste My Time
  • B Side: Girl, I Love You
  • Label: Pzazz
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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From Kansas City to Los Angeles then to London England then back to L.A..and on to R&B stardom in the form of "Bloodstone" one of the most-accomplished vocal-groups of the last century.

In September 1968. as an experienced male harmony-band The Sinceres, came Under the cultured tuition of band-leader Paul Gayten, guiding The Sinceres through two exemplary Los Angeles sessions. Four years before this Kansas City gathering hit the big time, changing their name to "Bloodstone" jetting off to London and cutting their debut LP, quick followed by the album masterpiece "Natural High" in the same year.

Back to this elusive 45, easily finest Northern Soul offering giving up not one but two superlative vocal-group sessions.

We lead with the horn saturated "Don't Waste My Time", showcasing rich male vocals, that brilliantly reflect of the pain losing hope, praying his indecisive lady doesn't waste any more of his time. The combination of Paul Gayten's considerate orchestration, and the seamless male vocals, craft a truly divine harmony stepper, obvious Lowrider Heaven and a British Sunday Chillout essential.

The other side "Girl, I Love You" is killer feel-good Northern Soul bobbing along on a raft of horns, coated with aerial voices changing their lead at will, swerving at speed, in and out of the potent horn blasts. This side has everything, but has sadly languished, due to its own rarity, only residing in the most selective of DJ boxes. So inspiring, we rate it right up there along side Fortson & Scott, Misty Moore, Little Janice and other superior Paul Gayten productions of the late 60's. Seamless Northern Soul of the very highest calibre, destined to fly in value in the right hands... as the rarity just get more impossible year on year...

Condition Report

MANSHIP MINT previously unplayed perfection, still housed in birth-sleeve

A Side

  • Title: Don't Waste My Time

    B Side

  • Title: Girl, I Love You
  • Year: September, 1968
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal