Saxie Russell

Psychedelic Soul / Psychedelic Soul part 2

Thomas : 45-1639


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  • Artist: Saxie Russell
  • A Side: Psychedelic Soul
  • B Side: Psychedelic Soul part 2
  • Label: Thomas
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A timeless Northern Soul anthem that has long since stopped being found in the "wild", you would think.

But no, this is a recent USA find, elevating this listing above those few copies that have circulated around the UK for the last 45 years, most now suffering from stylus fatigue and even cue-burn.
Take a listen to this clean crisp playback, from a playing surface that has yet to meet a Northern Soul DJ.

A much-loved in Northern Soul circles for its blistering uniqueness. It is records like this that throw the "outsider" off the scent of what Northern Soul actually is. After all, when this record first came onto the scene, records like Christine Cooper - Heartaches Away My Boy, Jimmy Soul Clark - Sweet Darling. Where being spun in the same DJ's sets... they are poles apart musically but all having that exact same effect of jolting a dancefloor into action...

It is after the great display of saxophone mastery on an NS recording you care to mention.

The "Psychedelic Soul" intro is like no other, as is "El Monkey" man's" manipulation of his reed. As Saxie Russell growls out the dance-craze instructions, and it's not until midway that an insane display of saxophone anarchy takes off. Whoever it was, who first played this to a Northern Soul dancefloor must have had the crowd stunned, in they collided with unparalleled sax-power.

The first time I experienced Saxie's mind-blowing antics, was in the low-ceiling confines of Temple Street, Wolverampton. The Catacombs and it's legendary hot n'steamy constricted space; was just perfect for that squealing Sax to reverberate from those condensation drenched walls. I instantly fell in love with that gnarled vocal and a rumbling dance beat.. a record you could really let yourself go to. Then a sax break that sent you skyward into orbit.

I mean I thought Junior Walker was just the greatest Sax I'd ever heard.. but Saxie was off-the-scale.. from a burp, a whistle, to a squealing razor-edge scream. Saxie manipulated his instrument at will, as he whipped up a storm; eventually climaxing by shrieking alarm finale..

Wow! this was that the best, most memorable record of the night? At a time when you could here 20 records you'd never heard before and all of them were brilliant... not only the best record of the night, the best record of the year for me... so different, so exciting, proper Northern Soul that stood "head and shoulders" in my mind.

and it's still a standout drop today.. especially if the vinyl is a "newbie" to the scene...with no groove fatique, the richness of that sax just drills through your body...

Northern Soul saturated in dynamic individualism... but check out "Part 2" surely the choice in 2021, as Saxie abandons the vocal instruction, so you can hear exactly this man's jaw-dropping mastery of brass & reed..

Condition Report

Two crisp unblemished, rich flesh coloured labels, flawless, Almost a Manship Mint, full vinyl revealing only fine hairline upon forensic inspection. Play tested, playback is "as new" absolutely no Northern Soul circuit activity, this baby is as clean as you could dream of meeting.

A Side

  • Title: Psychedelic Soul

    B Side

  • Title: Psychedelic Soul part 2
  • Year: June 1968
  • City: Chicago, Il