Tomorrow & Always / A Love Than Can Never Be

Motown : M-1006 DJ

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  • Artist: Satintones
  • A Side: Tomorrow & Always
  • B Side: A Love Than Can Never Be
  • Label: Motown
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: xol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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If scratchy, dirty, written Motown rarities make you twitch.. how about this immaculate listing. What are the chances of finding the 1961, withdrawn 45 58 years down the line, in this level of condition.

This is a listing for those Motown scholars seeking to upgrade their 45s to as near perfection as possible.

Even though The Satintones were the first vocal-group to record for Motown and their work for Motown showcased the seamless amalgamation of superior voices knitted together in slick harmony. and their line-up including some huge contributors to the "Detroit Sound" notably Robert Bateman, Sonny Sanders and they had a lead singer who must rate up there with the finest vocalists Motown ever signed "Jimmy Ellis". So instead of Berry Gordy revamping the group's image and bringing them out of their Doo-Wop roots, after 1961 the team never released another 45, each member going their different ways.

This their last 45 had something to do with the Satintones demise, as "Tomorrow & Always" had "hit" written all over it; the release was being promoted as the "answer" version to "The Shirelles" massive success "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" but apparently Carole King & Jerry Goffin did not appreciate Janie Bradford & Robert Bateman's additional lyrics and rearranging, and had Motown pull the disc off the market with a law suit looming.

A twist of fate that stopped the group dead in their tracks, and left that awesome melodious Jimmy Ellis vocal to wander...

A chapter in Motown's history that is largely forgotten, but what you can't forget is the vision of a striped Motown promo is near perfect archive good as it gets.

One for the serious about Motown conditions..

Condition Report

Unblemished vinyl, immaculate! Two crisp, bright white labels, with an office administered X on the a-side label, being the only freckle of this disc stunning face. An unbeatable copy..

A Side

  • Title: Tomorrow & Always

    B Side

  • Title: A Love Than Can Never Be
  • Year: 1961
  • City: Detroit, Mich