Sandy Hadley

Since I Found A Love / I'll Never Try To change You

So-Char : SC 12000

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  • Artist: Sandy Hadley
  • A Side: Since I Found A Love
  • B Side: I'll Never Try To change You
  • Label: So-Char
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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You are viewing in my opinion one of the very RAREST of Northern Soul originals, not many can boast ownership of an authentic original. This Bobby Martin Philly creation as an authentic original so very seldom comes to market.

In the world of internet record dealing, only a handful have surfaced this century. Underlined by DISCOGS "never" in the previous sales notation. Until recently only showing the "bootleg" copy, this first press "Bell Sound" stamped copy, is super-rare and in dream pristine archive condition, dare we say "impossible"

If you were not around in 1975/76 you need to take a listen to the genius of Robert L. Martin aided by Steve Schulman molding distilled stompin' Northern Soul. After Bobby Martin's piano builds, calling in a barrage of horns, punctuated by a Mike Terry style low-blow saxophone, carrying Sandy's expressive vocal along on a wave of Philly enthusiasm. Caressed by a shrill girl-group chorus, carrying the song headlong into a screaming saxophone break, ratcheting the session up and beyond!

Backdrop & spin time.. proper real-deal Northern Soul... with Bobby Martin adding layer after layer of Philly punch into the mix, up and up it soars, until you are swept away on complete torrent of pure Northern Soul ... until breathless the session gently trickles away...

This 45 was of course a simultaneous Wigan Casino and Cleethhorpes Pier smash in the mid-70's, that gave rise to a horrid vinyl bootleg.

But under today's OVO scrutiny you just don't hear it played.. begging the question "just how many DJ's presenting a Wigan Casino or Cleethorpes Pier oldies tributes, actually own a proper Sandy Hadley"? We're presuming hardly any of today's Niter-Jock's can boast ownership of a Bona-fide, authentic original first press.

Having raved about its unquestionable Northern Soul pedigree, we must mention a rather wonderful Beat Ballad flipside, with Bobby Martin & Steve Schulman incorporating a full orchestra for a fantastic "Beast Of A Stroller" showcasing what a seamless but muscular vocal Sandy gives up ...

Sunday chill-out material at it's most powerful - Those Carib Soul boys get a listen I think you may appreciate it. Two great sides so rarely encountered as the authentic original - and never at this level of perfection!

Condition Report

A perfect archive copy - utterly flawless - previously unplayed - MINT!

A Side

  • Title: Since I Found A Love

    B Side

  • Title: I'll Never Try To change You
  • Year: 1967
  • City: Philadelphia, Pa