Sandra Wright

Wounded Woman / 1989 UK press

Demon: FIEND136

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  • Artist: Sandra Wright
  • A Side: Wounded Woman
  • B Side: 1989 UK press
  • Label: Demon
  • Format: LPs



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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Arguably the greatest Soul Sister album ever made! And just the saddest tale of a gifted diva whose career never took off because her album coincided with the demise of Stax Records.

And to the huge disappointment of all involved at Broadway Studios, Sheffield, Alabama, failed to achieve a USA release in 1975. As they all considered it as masterpiece.

Sandra was discovered by Freddie North singing in a small club in Nashville. He tipped off David Johnson, who, upon hearing this songbird, signed her on the spot. “The Best Female R&B Singer I Heard In A Long Time” was his assessment. He then spent several months sourcing the right songs for her to sing.

This album gives up 9 stunning slabs of Soul crafted by Alabama’s finest musicians, technicians and vocalists. A combination of Memphis & Muscle Shoals horns, Ben Carley on trumpet, Harvey Thompson on tenor sax, Ronnie Eades on Bari Sax, Charles Rose on Trombone, Clayton Ivey on keyboards, Randy McCormick on Electric Piano, Pete Carr on guitars, Lenny LeBlanc on Bass Guitar, Roger Clarke on Drums. Background vocals provideTerry Woodford, Barbara Wyrick and Mary Ann Gresham. Engineered by the precision of Bill Fair...

This gathering crafted the greatest female Soul album of all time. It was 12 years after the demise of Stax that Sandra Wright’s masterpiece finally got issued on vinyl. Ironically by Demon Records of Brentford, England.

Today this album as its first release, is no easy find. For two reasons - it didn’t sell very much in the UK with Sandra Wright being for most, an “unknown” and secondly, any collector lucky enough to have acquired a copy, would never comtemplate being parted from it..

Seldom surfacing for sale... but when it does, expect competition for ownership.

Condition Report

Flawless viny, perfect labels, fine clean cover back and front; revealing only a few insignificant storage creases.

A Side

  • Title: Wounded Woman

    B Side

  • Title: 1989 UK press
  • Year: 1989
  • City: Brentford, United Kingdom