Ronnie Gordon

Shake Some Time / Comin' Home

R&B : JB 127

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  • Artist: Ronnie Gordon
  • A Side: Shake Some Time
  • B Side: Comin' Home
  • Label: R&B
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: VG+
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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What a gorgeous homegrown label, serving up a double helping of early sixties British created R&B from one of Georgie Fame's intimates.

After emigrating to England from Jamaica, Ronnie had been in the UK about 15 years before he composed and recorded these two equally formidable R&B persuaders, for Rita and Benny Izons' recently launched R&B label. Ronnie was a part of the variable "Blue Flames" line up, the Hammond could easily be "Georgie" himself on the keyboard, the stabbing R&B pulses, are so very familiar. Even more so on the flipside with an unstoppable of Hammond keyboard rhythms, starting off easy & laid back, then a sulking "Mick Eve" style saxophone starts to strut its stuff. Magically lifting the session into the mood of 1963 MOD, that was the "IN" sound at the iconic MOD epicenter at "Flamingo Club" on Wardour Street, Soho, W1.

Studio recorded in 1963 not issued until 1964, this session was delayed by as Georgie Fame and his team were cutting Brit R&B live at the Flamingo, apparently the R&B decision makers waiting for a gap in the market, the right moment to ride the "MOD culture" sweeping London and beyond. Releases Graham Bond, Georgie Fame and others were becoming prolific.

No matter which side you drop the arm on, the very essence of 1963 British MOD spouts a cascade of red-hot R&B on every note.

Condition Report

Faint initials on b-side label S.E.R., a-side label is clean, 3 prong centre intact. The famous heavy-duty robust R&B vinyl, utilized by R & B Discs Ltd. of 282b Stamford Hill, London N16, with those impressive "chiseled" in matrixes withstands surface marks so well, The once glossy vinyl is covered in surface marks, but as you can hear, it plays remarkably well.

A Side

  • Title: Shake Some Time

    B Side

  • Title: Comin' Home
  • Year: 1964
  • City: 282b Stamford Hill, London N16, United Kingdom