Rikki Aaron (D. Watson)

Say What's On Your Mind / For The Love Of Music

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  • Artist: Rikki Aaron (D. Watson)
  • A Side: Say What's On Your Mind
  • B Side: For The Love Of Music
  • Label: R.A.C.
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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No artist credit on the label, but this is actually D. Watson & Rikki Arron on a 1981 Connecticut private press.

This was covered up by leading Soul DJs. Soul Sam, Butch, Arthur Fenn as LARRY HOBSON. One of a handful of copies known.

This delicious Connecticut low-run indie, currently gracing the high-calibre DJ sets all over Europe.
Strong male vocal is fully backed up with an uncredited male-vocal group. A silky Sax break filters through early on in the song with a rhythmic guitar driving the dance arrangement, as Rikki manipulates his vocal notes at will; from a smooth purr falsetto to a piercing growl; adding depth and structure to this exceptional dance recording.

You will be anticipating a return of that sexy Saxophone, the recording doesn't disappoint; as the finale brings the Sax back in, with an even more impressive fingering of this addictive woodwind.

Fantastic tune, sought after throughout the European Rare Soul scene.. one listen will tell you why..

Condition Report

This copy is flawless in every way.

A Side

  • Title: Say What's On Your Mind

    B Side

  • Title: For The Love Of Music
  • City: Hartford, Conn