Richard Caiton

Where Is The love / Thank You

J.B.'s Records: 131

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  • Artist: Richard Caiton
  • A Side: Where Is The love
  • B Side: Thank You
  • Label: J.B.'s Records
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: #ol
  • Sleeve Condition: wol

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Super elusive high quality New Orleans Soulful Dance 45, with a signed sleeve by the artist himself, the gifted Northern Soul icon Richard Caiton. A man who's every record he ever made, is so hard to acquire, all desperately sought after, highly valued and treasured. .

This example again showcases Richard Caiton's seamless falsetto, tune to perfection with an upbeat string n' brass driven production, another Caiton soul jewel that the dancers adore. Richard's appreciation of the sweet girl-group assistance, sits perfectly into the swirling warm-breeze goodwill he sends out.

That inviting a honeyed falsetto of Mr. Caiton draws you into his mood positive mood every time; just like he captured everyone's hearts with "I'd Like To Get Near You" he again grabs your attention with his optimistic, uplifting vocal gliding over an uptempo arrangement lavishly decorated with signature Caiton embellishments. Girls, soaring strings, trumpets, jangling guitars all focused giving the dancer an uplift.

A truly stunning performance from New Orleans answer to Eddie Holman; guided throughout by Crescent City's studio masters Wardell Quezergue and Senator Jones the combination is breathtaking...

This is the pinnacle of giving disco the cold-shoulder, super soulful, rare soul-dance...that seldom comes to market.

If you want to hear this man, change your mood yet again, just flip it over! Killer Deep Soul ballad of highest calibre.

Condition Report

Two contact phone numbers adorn the flipside, a-side label is clean. Vinyl is a spanking mint minus. Full gloss and totally unblemished. Not forgettong the autographed poly-lined vintage cover (see image)

A Side

  • Title: Where Is The love

    B Side

  • Title: Thank You
  • Year: 1978
  • City: New Orleans, La