Ray Pollard

Soulmate? / I Am Now

Omnipotent : 1001

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  • Artist: Ray Pollard
  • A Side: Soulmate?
  • B Side: I Am Now
  • Label: Omnipotent
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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This legendary Northern Soul icon's rarest 45. Ray Pollard's final and most obscure 7" single. Even Ray's most-wanted 1965 debut solo single on Shrine 103 turns up over 5 times more often tan this Omnipotent release with Georgia connections.

New Yorker and war veteran Ray, built himself an enviable reputation as a supreme Soulful vocalist during his 5 years as lead singer with local 4 man vocal-group "The Wanderers" from 1958 to 1963. After recording for Shrine, his former connection with United Artists through the Wanderers 45 in 1963. Alert the spectacular writer/producers team Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein, Richard Gottehrer (The Strangeloves) along with Gerry Granahan wrote and produced the immortal "Drifter" which elevated Ray into undying Northern Soul hero status, which is still as strong today as it was decades ago.

Quite why this mighty voice spent 7 years away from releasing 45's is a mystery, but Lockie Edwards & Sammy Lowe tried to revive his fortunes with this one-off independent recording that could only find brief distribution 1000s of miles south in Georgia. Brief because most of the know copies have the Southbound, Huff Road, Atlanta, Georgia address blacked over. After either the distribution was cancelled or the unsold stock was return to the release owners. This 1973 enigma was to be Ray's final 45 and ultimately by far his rarest disc.

So now listen to regrettably this Soul giant's final throw of the dice. His voice as richly motivational as ever, singing his own lyrics guided by seasoned producer Sammy Lowe going the full gamut filling the background with a male-vocal chorus as well as shrill heavenly girls. A multi-layered delight, so silky it sails into the Northern Crossover genre, Ray effortlessly hits the high notes, with the girls relentless shrill ladies squealing their "Soulmate" affirmation, with Ray adding the icing onto this rare-Soul-cake, when he abandons words, substituting them with an emphatic humming purr, underlining this man's indubitable vocal power.

The usual internet searches with validate this disc as Ray's rarest 45 by a long, long way... we don't expect to see another as this is our first listing for over 20 years.

Condition Report

date stamped a-side label, flipside label is clean. Good gloss on

A Side

  • Title: Soulmate?

    B Side

  • Title: I Am Now
  • Year: 1973
  • City: Atlanta, Georgia