Ray Pollard

It's A Sad Thing / All The Things You Are - MANSHIP MINT

United Artists : UP 1133

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  • Artist: Ray Pollard
  • A Side: It's A Sad Thing
  • B Side: All The Things You Are - MANSHIP MINT
  • Label: United Artists
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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MANSHIP MINTS for Christmas.

54 years of age and most likely unplayed!! A listing for those serious British collectors seeking the pinnacle of conditions!A true Northern Soul icon with one of his greatest recordings, in impossible condition.

What can you say about a man, who delivered a vocal that sent shivers through you. A show-stopping voice of mammoth proportions, with his seemingly effortless command of the Big City Sound.. made him the Northern Soul legend.

Here's a song that has lived in the shadows of "The Drifter" for arguably far too long. Listen to Mr. Pollard strolls through the opening bars, then as Jerry Granahan & Arnold Goland signal a quickening of the pace, an amplification of the horns. Ray's vocal responds in a heartbeat. Like the thoroughbred he is, instant acceleration of deliver and not an once of power dropped, as he tears up another Big City Beast Ballad. From the master-craftsmen of the sound New York's Brill building students Jerry Granahan & Arnold Goland never fail to impress.

Without question "The Drifter" is a masterpiece, but also undeniable is the quality that seeps from the grooves of this 1965 follow up to his greatest moment..

No forgetting this copy is pristine!

Condition Report

Stunning most likely unplayed still sitting in it's birth-sleeve.

A Side

  • Title: It's A Sad Thing

    B Side

  • Title: All The Things You Are - MANSHIP MINT
  • Year: 1966
  • City: United Kingdom