R. Dean Taylor

There's A Ghost In My House / There's A Ghost In My House

VIP: 25042 DJ

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  • Artist: R. Dean Taylor
  • A Side: There's A Ghost In My House
  • B Side: There's A Ghost In My House
  • Label: VIP
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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It is unclear to me when this "off the wall" Holland - Dozier - Holland creation grabbed the whole of the Northern Soul scene and mainlined adrenaline into every artery of the British teenager.

Whether it was actually first played from an original VIP 45... as everybody I knew in 1973 was DJing it from the cheap British Sounds Superb album release, a much weaker version.
3rd track in, side "A". I played it most every Friday, as a DJ novice I remember the trepidation of cueing in the track and making sure the speed was adjusted to 33rpm.. (I often forgot, until I heard the chipmunks blasting out the speakers) Hey we've all done that one...me more than most.

The rarer 1968 LP Motown Memories Vol. 2 I never owned, that gave up the same version as the VIP 45. So did us pheasant DJ's have a hand in prompting the EMI 1973 hit through our Youth Club, Scout hut turntable adventures with R. Dean Taylor's 99p album?

My question is, did a DJ from the higher escalations of Northern Soul, play it off a VIP 45 and we mere vinyl-fledglings catch-on to the LP or did the LP track (which ever LP) get played first then somebody find that elusive 45 on VIP... as I don't think collectors really appreciate that "Ghost In My House" as an original 1967 45 is an uncommon sight..

as this multi-coloured West Coast press, we think it a bit of a trophy for the Northern Soul hunter and Motown enthusiast too..

Anyhow, today this timeless classic that has been part of the very fabric of Northern Soul for decades is before you in it's most desirable least seen format... that has catapulted me back to my clumsy antics behind decks and a local girl insistinmg I play "There's a HOST in My House"..

I forgave her, as the week earlier she asked my to play "Just Like The RABBIT" ..... that was Nolan Chance of course..

Condition Report

Super-Rare February 1967 West Coast multi-coloured label PROMO in flawless condition. I'm unable to find anything worth a mention on this flawless play 45, looking so stunning as that eye-catching V.I.P. design..

A Side

  • Title: There's A Ghost In My House

    B Side

  • Title: There's A Ghost In My House
  • Year: 1967
  • City: Detroit, Mich