Forgotten Angel / Don't Let Go

Pirate Records : S226S8 PS

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  • Artist: Prowler
  • A Side: Forgotten Angel
  • B Side: Don't Let Go
  • Label: Pirate Records
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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New Wave Of British Heavy Rock - HOLY GRAIL - The World Over!

Seismic NWOBHM - from an highly regarded small town local bad consisting of Chris Vye, Ian Morrison (6), Robb Philpotts, Steve Philpotts all talented Melton Mowbray boys. This is their legendary "Fallen Angel" debut 45, follow by "Alcatraz" 18 months later; then changing their name to "Passion" before retiring from the NWOBHM scene with those talented guitarists, hands feeling the strain of overworked tendons.

Made 1983 in my home town of Melton Mowbray where Ian Morrison, Rob Philpotts, Chris Vye & Steve Philpotts were considered the totem of East Midlands Heavy Rock. This self funded private press, their first 45 release, is an highly accomplished indie "Forgotten Angel" the group privately funded limited press was sold at their live gigs around the East Midlands.

In my lifetime I have only ever seen two copies of this NWOBHM grail. Frustratingly hard to find, but I still to this day, every time I go into town, and live in hope of a stray copy popping up in a charity shop or car boot. But a chance meeting in the local pub last week turned up another copy from "Stan" the group's former roadie form the 80's... t

I feel very fortunate indeed to be able to encounter this disc for only the 3rd time in nearly 40 years of searching and to again be able hear those legendary guitar combinations from Chris Vye & Rob Philpotts that have thrilled heavy rock collectors worldwide. The rasping, combative vocal Rob Philpotts always rips through the senses, complimented by his brothers equally aggressive drumming.

One extremely elusive 45, recorded, written and performed in the East Midlands. On my doorstep maybe, but incredibly rare; My first copy was swiftly sold to Japan in the 90's, my 2nd copy we sold for a group member earlier this century, this copy courtesy of "Stan" after a chance conversational over a beer..

A Heavy Rock trophy of huge repute.

Condition Report

Full gloss mint minus vinyl, revealing just a few soft blemishes, likewise the white labels show only miniscule signs of handling. all housed inside the original inner sleeve. Picture cover and labels reveal from 40 years of storage, some very soft foxing to the white background - otherwise this Heavy Rock trophy is in spectacular condition.

A Side

  • Title: Forgotten Angel

    B Side

  • Title: Don't Let Go
  • Year: 1983
  • City: Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England