Prince Ella and Sidney Jones

Baby Sugar I Love You / Baby I Got To Cut You Loose

Prince : P-711

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  • Artist: Prince Ella and Sidney Jones
  • A Side: Baby Sugar I Love You
  • B Side: Baby I Got To Cut You Loose
  • Label: Prince
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: VG+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Two uncompromising Los Angeles R&B thumpers that Simon Soussan first discovered and thought so outstanding it was bootlegged before it had even been played at The Wigan Casino, he was supplying weekly with all his new Northern Soul finds.

Unfortunately "Baby Sugar I Love You" only received a brief Casino airing as it was dropped from the Casino play lists when DJ's realize it was pre-bootlegged ready to flood the UK when it became "big".
At the time, it was "Baby Sugar I Love You" that was played, the most obvious Northern Soul side, with its easy on the ear lyrics, driven by rasping horns and heavyweight percussion. The male / female vocals duet just ripped into this wicked arrangement, leaving you to wonder how huge this tune would have been at Wigan Casino it the DJ's hadn't have shunned Simon's marketing deceit.

But having said that, by today's dancefloor demands and tastes, "Baby Sugar" comes in second behind the ravaging powers of "Baby I Got To Cut You Loose" surely the most destructive Soul duet ever committed to vinyl. More muscular, more vengeful, more ferocious than any other R&B duet you care to mention. A merciless dancefloor devastator with few comparisons. Click the soundfile and unleash not one but TWO dancefloor scatter bombs, with "Cut You Loose" perched to take the R&B scene by a storm in the right hands.

This "impossible" bright pink labelled original, as opposed to the drab yellow label bootleg; is not only extremely elusive, it is in fact one of Los Angeles's RAREST OF THE RARE with only one awful G+ condition "cracked" copy surfacing in the last decade or two.

If you're an OVO only Northern Soul DJ and you want to strip paint off the walls of your club, drop the needle on "Baby I Got To Cut You Loose " then seek out the nearest fire extinguisher... fearsome, fiery, unstoppable R&B .. that has yet to be dropped on your unsuspecting, dreamy public.

Condition Report

Two clean labels, remembering the only other copy to come to market in recent times was cracked, scratched with faded worn labels. Ti,e to get serious because this copy has strong gloss, the surface reveals only light surface hairlines, none that dare to react with this runaway train's potency.

A Side

  • Title: Baby Sugar I Love You

    B Side

  • Title: Baby I Got To Cut You Loose
  • Year: 1965
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal