Peter and The Wolfs

My Heart Is True / Monkey Time

Bridge Society : 308

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  • Artist: Peter and The Wolfs
  • A Side: My Heart Is True
  • B Side: Monkey Time
  • Label: Bridge Society
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E
  • Sleeve Condition: E

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Dark and moody brilliance, a record that has been on the lips of those Northern Soul DJ's and collectors for an age. Admiration from those who delve past the obvious offerings, to feed their rarer selected tastes for primitive but addictive Northern Soul rarities. "That grow on you"

This is the perfect case of a D.I.Y. local gathering crafting something special, a recording that creeps up on you, burrows it's way into you psyche forcing you into consecutive plays. As a convincing lead voice is complimented by a primitive horn backing from out of the "school prom" practice session. Peppered with highly pitched male choruses, it all works so naively well. The effect is narcotic Northern Soul that so many have fallen in love with, down the years. Listen now and resist it uncultured charms if you can... youthful moodiness will win you over.

The flipside is a real mystery as it credits writer as Curtis Mayfield, another version of the Major Lance timeless classic "Monkey Time" is what we expect. BUt that never happens, other than the first few notes unfolding, the expectant "Monkey Time" never happens, as Peter Alexiev and his Wolfs have other ideas. Abandoning "Monkey Time" completely, rolling off totally different lyrics with maybe a few more "Monkey Time" riffs thrown into the racing rhythms. But "Monkey Time" it isn't, instead you are treated to another rollicking slab of D.I.Y. Northern Soul. Making this 45 a fabulous double hitter, so plreasing as yet another version of "Monkey Time" no collection or DJ needs.

Addictive, primitive and be=witching Northern Soul twice over.

Condition Report

two clean yellow labels, some very soft storage rub, but free of any flaws.

A Side

  • Title: My Heart Is True

    B Side

  • Title: Monkey Time
  • Year: 1965
  • City: Harrisburgh, Pa