So Lonely / Baby Don't You Go

Big "B" : 851N-800

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  • Artist: Perfections
  • A Side: So Lonely
  • B Side: Baby Don't You Go
  • Label: Big "B"
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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It's taken some decades for this rare disc to climb to its rightful position, perched and ready for the big-ticket, only reserved for records of this top quality.

Enjoying current "Niter" spins that are triggering huge demand for ownership. Now is the time to catch this spectacular slab of vocal group Northern Soul on the rise, presently picking up enviable NS DJ attention, with 1000's of you yet to own a copy...the value can only go one way. Especially when the flipside is equally coveted by those devotees to male-vocal-group-harmony strollers. Here we have another two-way winner.

We lead with the soaring dance experience "So Lonely". Triumphant horns and pattering drums are the starting-pistol for a tapestry of male-vocals to embroider a rich platform for a merciless icy-cold falsetto to cut through the lilting harmonies adding edgy dance qualities as it takes control of the arrangement. Soaring voices are partitioned by this searing lone voice, as his teammates paint a landscape of heavenly harmony. The relentless highly pitched "Baby Baby" is the glue for the brass and chanting backing to hold together as one... a 45 that has always had the potential to become a monster, now in the hands of a few A-list trendsetters we can see nothing stopping this tune climbing the heights sitting alongside any 4-figure vocal-group Northern Soul dancer you care to mention... this is every note as good.

With the bonus of a standout Lowrider sweet-harmony ballad hidden away on the other-side, there's a really good chance it may never come into Northern Soul ownership... both camps poised for competition for a real rarity giving up two fabulous sides. "Baby Don't You Go " is a masterclass in street-corner harmony with a cutting gravelled soulful lead, laying back into rich harmonies, bolstered by a falsetto, enriched with a booming baritone's well-timed walk-in parts. This is late 60's Soul-group harmony at its exquisite best!

"You Know I'm Gonna Make You Mine" that's what 3 corners of the globe will be whispering.

Condition Report

Two clean labels, showing only light signs of caring storage... Vinyl has a few very soft blemishes available eye but not the ear.

A Side

  • Title: So Lonely

    B Side

  • Title: Baby Don't You Go
  • Year: 1969
  • City: St. Louis, Ms