Patty Stokes

Is It True / Good Girl (Can You Be)

Mir-A-Don: 1005

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  • Artist: Patty Stokes
  • A Side: Is It True
  • B Side: Good Girl (Can You Be)
  • Label: Mir-A-Don
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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Since the Golden Years of Wigan Casino to today's vibrant scene, the sands of Northern Soul's musical tastes have shifted so many times. Ending up in today's diet of the well trodden paths of NS Classics, a flirt with Funk, Beat Ballad Heaven making an occasional but very welcome appearance in the more cultured DJ sets. To the super-Soulful crossover grooves saturated in emotion and class in equal amounts..

The reason I say this, here's a double-delight of Northern Soul I first heard in circa 1977 when I found a handful of Mir-A-Don 45s about 7 different 45's a few copies of each. But this one stood out as being a different label colour and by a girl at the time I'd never heard of.. Just imagine my delight when it turned out to be classic style Northern Soul.. "Good Girl (Can You Be)" was an unknown and a killer. I considered dead-right for Wigan Casino was my first thought, so I rang Richard Searling and played him it down the phone. Sounded absolutely brilliant, whether he bought a copy, I can't remember; but Soul Sam certainly did. Closely watching his reactions as he played it the barometer for the asking price. His hands started twitch and twiddle the controls of the record player (good sign), then his shoulders started to move (good sign), then I got the ultimate vote of YES!
When Soul Sam's hips started wriggle ever so slightly...(the best sign)

After that Soul Sam Dance, his poker face was useless, when he lifted the record off the decks and pronounced "Not Bad" and casually threw the record of a pile of "Maybe's". He of cause went home with a copy, at a "Not Bad" price..

But through this journey not once, did I or anyone else playing the disc notice the utterly breathtaking journey into Northern Soul Crossover that "Is It Me" deliveres.. not until after the millennium did those "shifting sands" start to move towards superior mid-paced Soulful dancers like "Is It True", today it's "Good Girl" that nobody seems to mention or play..

For me personally, "Is It True" today is a huge part of my DJ set, it is without question one of the ultimate Sister mid-tempo grooves of the time.. and seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the day.. Without exception when I drop it, somebody will come to the stage and ask "what is this...?"

Click the soundfile and take a breath, Patty Stokes is about to hit you with impeccable Northern Soul Crossover, followed by a top-drawer, classic style Northern Soul girl dancer, backed beautifully by "The Ascots" harmonies.. this too is a fantastic tune that may yet have it's day.. when the sands shift back the quality Northern Soul 45s that haven't been played to death.

Condition Report

Multiple light hairlines.. As you will hear NOT affecting play on either side. Both labels have light storage ring rub, but totally clean; no X's, writing, stickers, tears or stains..

A Side

  • Title: Is It True

    B Side

  • Title: Good Girl (Can You Be)
  • Year: 1967
  • City: Washington, d.c.