What Would I Do / The Gleam In Your Eye

Hip City Record Corp. : HC-TOV-2

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  • Artist: Overtones
  • A Side: What Would I Do
  • B Side: The Gleam In Your Eye
  • Label: Hip City Record Corp.
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: skm
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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An authentic 1970 neighborhood vocal-group masterclass from Wilmington, Delaware, giving up a heavenly Northern Soul Crossover experience, in the shape of "What Would I Do". An uplifting mid-tempo saturated in

Flipside is an exemplary falsetto led Lowrider group harmony masterpiece, featuring seamless lead vocal changeovers

A crucial disc, for scholars of seriously rare male vocal group delights, turn of the decade indie serves up a double helping of Soul that demands your attention.

We lead with the Northern Soul dancer, raw, compelling and utterly infectious emotional journey into Delaware Soul. An emotional lead, that cracks on all the right peaks, as his fellow vocalists cradle him through this 2.00 minute meltdown of Northern Soul, that rarity thus far, has deprived it of the turntable outings it so very much deserves.. Rarity again, has hampered it's recognition; as we know of only a handful of copies that have come to market in the last 20 years. and most staying in the USA for the incredible ballad side.. the time is now for Northern Soul to pay this 45 some attention.

Flip it over and we back our preceding enthusiasm with something truly special; A silky Low Rider/Sweet Soul delicacy drenched in falsetto exquisiteness. Prepare to listen and melt, as neighborhood street-corner Soul clasps your heart.. the impressive falsetto prolonged holding of every note perfectly, then from nowhere the lead vocal switches, then the falsetto bounces back in and the pair go tit-for-tat through the song gliding on a carpet of harmony support..to an majestic finale.

Of it's genre, the Sweet Soul side is an authoritative recording with all those beautiful rough edges that we adore, as the emotion seeps out, filling your space.. just awesome! The dance side benefitting from its addictive uniqueness and the malleable flowing harmonies woven into a NS dance beat.

Two remarkable sides one very rare 45 from the streets.. one side for the "All Niter" dancers, the other perfect suited for the Sunday chill-out sessions..


Condition Report

NOTE, the 45 has double labels of the "The Gleam In Your Eye" "What Would I Do" is differentiated with a handwritten A - S (see images) ""The Gleam In Your Eye"" side has

A Side

  • Title: What Would I Do

    B Side

  • Title: The Gleam In Your Eye
  • Year: 1970
  • City: Wilmington, Delaware