Otis Rush

All Your Love (I Miss Loving) / My Baby's A Good'un

Cobra : 5032

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  • Artist: Otis Rush
  • A Side: All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
  • B Side: My Baby's A Good'un
  • Label: Cobra
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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It matters not which side you drop the stylus on!

Two spectacular examples given up, within one of Otis Rush's most fearsome R&B dance sessions, naturally featuring heavy signature guitar manipulation, accompanying that gorgeously throaty vocal. this time peppered with a down and dirty sax, on the "All Your Love (I Miss Loving)" lead side. A slow drag to begin with, that picking up fury and pace as the saxophonist approaches the mike. The combination lays down yet another irresistible session. A truly exemplary guitar partition, adds another level before being peppered with bluesy piano notes.. fabulous stuff yet again from this man who can do no wrong.

"My Baby's A Good'un" makes this 1959 45 a double-hitter that will leave you wondering which side you are enamored with the most. No saxophone show stealing antic this time, as if he could. Otis fuels his guitar liker a weaspon bout to go to war, relentless, ruthless, determined and unforgiving. This is proper R&B dance for grown ups.. destructive R&B machine swallowing up everything that stands in it's way. Although chosen as a flipside, again it underlines, that nobody set the Southside alight in 1959 quite like Otis Rush did.

Two thumpin' sides, you'd be very fortunate to find in this near perfect condition. Still housed in its serrated flipback seamed brown birth sleeve - a truly stunning copy.

Condition Report

Two super-clean labels (see images) so very fresh the original centre dinking process, still has the shards of the label cut hanging on the edge. , previously unplayed archive vinyl, just revealing a few feeble sleeve storage hairlines. from that birth sleeve.

A Side

  • Title: All Your Love (I Miss Loving)

    B Side

  • Title: My Baby's A Good'un
  • Year: 1959
  • City: Chicago, Il