Oscar "Big Blues" Black

Love Love Love / Trouble Mind Blues

Atlantic : 45-956


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  • Artist: Oscar "Big Blues" Black
  • A Side: Love Love Love
  • B Side: Trouble Mind Blues
  • Label: Atlantic
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: g
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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Very rare 1952 7" 45 press of this Chicago Blues rocker..

Only one other documented sale of an original 45 this century.. now that's rare!

Full band backing from Oscar's Orchestra includes a wild saxophone partition, giving pause to "Big Boy's" rich vocal that draws as picture of the big man struttin's the stage in some smoky low-ceiling Southside club. But that all we can do is imagine. as there is so little or nothing documented about this Blues singer. Or indeed the 45 itself. It was of course issue on a 10" shellac 70rpm. But this too is excruciatingly elusive.. with the 1952 7" unicorn-rare.

The record itself is marked, but that doesn't for a moment, diminish my pleasure of finding a small piece in the huge jigsaw o Chicago Blues.

We'll never see this 45 again, and we doubt you will too.

Condition Report

multiple surface marks, both side carry crackle on playback but the extreme rarity of this 7" overrides the low condition.

A Side

  • Title: Love Love Love

    B Side

  • Title: Trouble Mind Blues
  • Year: 1952
  • City: Chicago, il