Need Your Love / Just Nothing Left To Give + promo info release sheet

Chapter 1 : SCH 174 + press sheet

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  • Artist: Notations
  • A Side: Need Your Love
  • B Side: Just Nothing Left To Give + promo info release sheet
  • Label: Chapter 1
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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This weeks "Blog" spot goes to a record that has caused some debate over the decades, with very little information available about this group of songbirds, other than they are certainly not the USA male group . Described in "Discogs" as a Northern Soul girl group, hardly flattering as the 3 ladies were actually pulled together by the British Les Reed Organisation to become the UK "Supremes" to rival the Motown Sound, certainly NOT tailor-made for Northern Soul play. A brave venture that was unfortunately shelved after just this one 45.

What this 1972 project did provide for the Northern Soul scene was an elusive 45 with two sides that snugly fits the Northern Soul criteria of unavailability and danceability. This girl trio carries some pedigree also; lead singer Michele Hendricks is the daughter of "Poet Laureate of Jazz" Jon Hendricks, also famed as the best "Scat" singer of his time. So no surprise 19 year old Michele delivers such a seamless vocal on this session, but currently enjoying being compared to her father Jon, also as Jazz scat performer supreme.

Girl two, is Kim Roberts former vocalist with "The Rebel Rousers" and "The Migil Five" also having a solo single on Decca under the guidance of Joe Meek & Geoffrey Stephens at R.G.M. studios. Girl Three, Beth Allen had a wealth of session singing behind her before this opportunity of recording her first single came along.

Full marks to arranger/producer Bernard Cochrane, what an inspired choice for the a-side, as they rework the Duke Browner, Detroit composition "Need your Love" that the Lollipops released on V.I.P. but so hard to acquire as the recording is only available as the elusive V.I.P. release copy currently changing hands for eye-watering sums, the flipside of "Cheating Is Telling On You" The Notations do a superb job of it, just as good and a fraction of the price.

the flipside "Just Nothing Left To Give" is a meatier production which has received Northern Soul attention back in the 70's.. a full orchestra production, crammed with honkin' horns, zipping strings and a fabulously enthusastic saxophone breaking through before the end.

Well you may be thinking, how did accrue all this information on this one disc only gathering. This auction 45 comes with an A4 promo info sheet, that were sure UK collectors will treasure. Sent inside the sleeve to Radio Caroline for review judging by the condition we think it received only a ciursory listen.

Fabulous condition, fabulous record, of a very sought after "Lollipops - Motown" guided by the immortal Duke Browner. Listen to the elusive UK interpretation, we think you'll be impressed.

Condition Report

4 prong centre fully intact, two clean labels, no writing, stickers or marks. The A4 promo sheet sent with this 45 to Radio Caroline immaculate.

A Side

  • Title: Need Your Love

    B Side

  • Title: Just Nothing Left To Give + promo info release sheet
  • Year: July 28th. 1972
  • City: UNited Kingdom