Put Out The Fire / So Good To Have You Home Again

Twinight : 112 DJ

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  • Artist: Mystiques
  • A Side: Put Out The Fire
  • B Side: So Good To Have You Home Again
  • Label: Twinight
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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This talented quartet's only 45, but what a 45 it is, both sides considered highly sought after.

A sales failure, D.I.Y. creation, composed and produced by the group themselves, with the creative Gregory McGee the major contributor. Although both sides are wonderfully assembled but still doomed to achieve any notable sales upon release on the up-and-coming Chicago imprint. Although Twinight was forever supporting local artists, this was the company's 9th 45 since changing their name from Twilight Records certainly received little or no promotion.

Guiding this already accomplished gathering, the group were indeed fortunate enough to have the "force" on the scene; producer Jim porter who was also at the beginning of his own story, owner of the newly assembled Sagport & Jay Pee Records. The experienced James Porter was the guide that pulled these young guys together.

"Put Out The Fire" is a silky fusion of tight male vocals swirling in an ever upward spiral of edgy Soulful dance. Twitchy plectrums along with persistent percussion work up an exciting torrent of funky dance pulse, whilst the voices flit back and forth in magnificently smooth seamlessly soaring harmony. Brilliantly fresh. Showcasing the whole gatherings first steps into the Chicago Soul scene.

Flip it over to hear a dreamy mid-tempo, again showcasing this group's uncanny ability to rebound off each other. A Soulful shuffler totally ideal for the in-vogue Sunday chill or the online personal DJing share..

Chicago n' crucial, reissued to meet demand in 2007 by Numero group, but here is the unicorn-rare original 1969 promo in flawless condition, a record that will be treasured by those of you who take quality OVO Soul seriously.

Condition Report

A stunning example, two bright clean white promo labels, full gloss unblemished

A Side

  • Title: Put Out The Fire

    B Side

  • Title: So Good To Have You Home Again
  • Year: 1969
  • City: Champaign, Illinois