Since I Found My Baby / No Baby

RCA : 47-9159 PS Germany

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  • Artist: Metros
  • A Side: Since I Found My Baby
  • B Side: No Baby
  • Label: RCA
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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It's gotta be said whoever was in charge of product and marketing at RCA in Britain during the 60s, never had a single soulful bone in his body...

USA RCA catalog was drenched in not only Soul, but some of the finest Soul music ever recorded. Whilst UK RCA was a desert of continual disappointment, as they passed by most everything not sung by Sam Cooke. Obviously blinded by the £££'s generated by Elvis, Jim Reeves and The Monkees.

Hey, I accept the Germans make better cars than The Brits; and consistently play better football. But they also had someone at RCA who had the foresight that maybe a foreign piece of Soul music by a 4 man Detroit black vocal group, may just topple the Um-par-par Um-Par-Par Biergarten festival fixation on Gemütlichkeit.

Whilst in England, Soul music was the 60s teenagers Gemütlichkeit, RCA chose to ignore that. At the same time Germany released this! The Metros finest recording complete with an eye-catching, completely engaging Picture Sleeve... damn it, we were outdone yet again. They've invented Vorsprung durch vinyl ! and to rub chili-salt into our soulless wounds, this 45 was released in 1966 ... now that really hurts!

Just think what we could have feasted on if even RCA employed just one executive who listened past the obvious money-makers. Perhaps Dean Courtney, Sharon Scott, Lorraine Chandler, Willie Kendrick, Nancy Wilcox , Michael & Raymond could have filtered from the mid-sea pirate radio station airwaves, we covertly listened to in the sanctuary of our bedrooms in 1966 / 67.

But then sadly the British were never likely to issue a 45 with a picture sleeve in 1966.. but the Germans did.. and what a stunner it is too...

The very same year, that the ball most probably never crossed over the line, the German youngsters had a brief opportunity to buy the very finest of USA Detroit Soul in picture covers - Pied Piper at its most desirable!

You lucky people...

Condition Report

Two totally clean shiny black RCA labels adorned with bright crisp silver lettering. Vinyl is full gloss vinyl a gleaming Mint minus, just the merest hairline can be located, if you take some time angling it under bright light. The unique picture cover is unblemished

A Side

  • Title: Since I Found My Baby

    B Side

  • Title: No Baby
  • Year: 1966
  • City: West Germany