Maxine Brown

Yesterday's Kisses / Ask Me

Stateside : SS 188 DJ


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  • Artist: Maxine Brown
  • A Side: Yesterday's Kisses
  • B Side: Ask Me
  • Label: Stateside
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

Key: View



The lure of the British Red & White Demo presented by one of Northern Soul's true Divas!

As you would expect, the Soul Princess of New York serves up a vocal performance to match huge full orchestra production. No other Soul Sister captured and delivered the Brill building sound better than Maxine.

We lead with Tony & Brenda Bruno composition, that BIg Maybelle covered a year later, with a dismissive growling view point of what she and lost and what she had gained. Maxine's original however is served up by a much silkier voice, even when weighing up her hurt and regret her voice still comes through the mountainous production like a purring lioness licking her soon to be healed wounds.

Band leader Steve Garrick unfolds a thundering kettle drum dominated arrangement, driven by a zipping string section and prowling horns, Maxine glides from one crescendo to another. Effortlessly singing of a hurtful experience but you can hear the hopefulness in her voice as she loos forward to new kisses the next day. With a true master of the Brill building sound Tony Bruno ensuring it sounds exactly like he envisaged, Maxine paints a picture of young girl disappointment fading with the hope of a different lover pretty soon.

That is the beauty of the New York musical storytelling within these big productions, not many could better Tony Bruno's writing or producing and he chose the right lady to portray it...

Validated by the side the team at Wand led with; "Ask Me" is another Tony & Brenda Bruno creation; a musclebound ballad that builds from a muted lead-in into a wrecking-ball of female need, as Maxine pleads to be asked to be his girl. She hoping to be his girlfriend, "don't be afraid come on and "Ask Me" . Again Maxine the Princess of New York Soul performs "need" so very convincingly.

Condition Report

Two superbly clean labels, good gloss vinyl," Yesterday's Kisses" plays sweet and clear, hardly a whisper of background. "Ask Me" also has good gloss but reveals a mask on the intro. The intro is quiet and you can some dull clicks before the orchestra kicks in (listen the the soundfile, nothing disturbing enough to put you off.

A Side

  • Title: Yesterday's Kisses

    B Side

  • Title: Ask Me
  • Year: 1963
  • City: United Kingdom