Do You Love Me Baby / Sweet Lovin' Woman

Wand : WND 1172 DJ

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  • Artist: Masqueraders
  • A Side: Do You Love Me Baby
  • B Side: Sweet Lovin' Woman
  • Label: Wand
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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A highly sought-after Northern Soul floor-filler and a knee-taking heart-breaker on one very elusive disc! What's not to love?

This gargantuan vocal group dancer, a long term Northern Soul classic from one of the heroes of our scene. This is of course currently their most-wanted 45... a guaranteed dancefloor detonator, backed up with a perfectly executed Memphis Deep Soul ballad, showcasing why this group are universally considered one of the slickest, most emotive Soul teams ever to perform; being close friends who have stayed together 5 decade...their mastery of Soulful harmony rivalled only by world renowned groups like The Dells, Manhattans, Dramatics etc

"Do You Love Me Baby" encompasses all their varied vocal tones and pitches, welling up into a wall of harmony with Soulful snarls accentuating the high points, and rich bass voice adding extra depth and meaningful Soul. Crocheted into a blistering Northern Soul dance arrangement by Tommy Cogbill. "Do You Love Me Baby" is truly a masterclass in vocal-group NS dance... heralded for decades as a DJ must-own.

As is the sublime cocktail of Memphis Deep Soul "Sweet Lovin' Woman" blended by Chips Moman with Chicago styled harmonies, a heart-rendering sees ion of distilled harmony, saturated with the class and power to change your mood.

Putting this level of team-talent in a studio with the two Memphis magicians Chips Moman & Tommy Cogbill, there could only be one outcome.

Soul Heaven awaits, which ever side you drop the stylus on..

Condition Report

not for sale promo text has been redacted by a black marker. Otherwise two clean labels, NO bb drill, vinyl carries strong gloss, revealing only a few very soft hairlines. both side plays loud clean and true. Both sides,

A Side

  • Title: Do You Love Me Baby

    B Side

  • Title: Sweet Lovin' Woman
  • Year: February1968
  • City: Memphis, Tennessee