Mary Love

You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet / I'm In Your Hands

King: KG.1024

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  • Artist: Mary Love
  • A Side: You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet
  • B Side: I'm In Your Hands
  • Label: King
  • Format: LP



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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1965 British press that encapsulates the very embodiment of The Twisted Wheel. That rose again 17 years later to enthrall and initiate a brand new younger audience; when Kent launched their unparalleled Northern Soul LP series, with Mary Love taking the honour of the leading track side one, on the For Dancers Only album. An Adrian Croasdell concept with Ian Clark's artwork adoring the front. Two stalwart Soulies reliving their own youth, whilst indoctrinating a whole new generation of MOD revivalists. .

Imagine being met with this songbird's sweet tones, the moment you played your new album. Both sides written by Motown's Los Angeles office employees, brothers Chester & Gary Pipkin, along with Marc Gordon pen the a-side. With Frank Wilson pairing up Marc Gordon for the magnificent flipside. Written with Jobette in Detroit in mind, but failing to pick up the invitation to release any of these two killers with a Motown artist. Step in one of L.A.s Soul Divas to record a double header of superior qualities, coming out on local label Modern.

"You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet" was the lead side memorable for it's hovering first word "You" stretched out by the sultry tones of Mary Love before those rumbling drums pick up the dance-beat; crafting one of the finest mid-tempo Northern Soul sessions of all time. Beautifully restrained singing, sweet girl choruses, relentless tambourines ring out, controlled trumpets and the subtlety of low-blown saxophone is truly brilliant. No vocal gymnastics, no wild sax break. The blaring brass just a classy understated arrangement, laying down an exquisite platform for Mary's eloquent vocal to leap from.

A TOP TUNE...BUT WAIT.. the b-side couldn't be better than the "A" could it?

But some think it is, sparking NS debates for decades why " I'm In Your Hands" isn't played as much as "Bitter Into Sweet" or considered an all time classic also. Many prefer "In Your Hands" and for a very good reason. Frank Wilson & Marc Gordon partnership again creates perfect Northern Soul and this time the duo expand Mary's vocal to higher ground. As she displays with consummate ease her seamless expression of the her total submission to her man... very sexy.

Me? I prefer "I'm In Your Hands" many will differ.. but all will agree this is one standout double sider, a monumental double serving of young Diva Californian Northern Soul. I have always presumed, both sides were written with former L.A. stable mate Brenda Holloway in mind.. surely it would have been a Motown smash if she'd released either side..

A 1965 UK press that only the top allnighter DJ's of the 60's were privileged enough to own, sparking the 1968 Soul Sounds number 1015 bootleg, that is collectable today in its own right.

But King 1024, that is a real-deal British trophypiece, especially at this level of condition.


Condition Report

Wow! Condition! Condition! Condition! Two clean labels, other than very soft light residue shadow on a-side logo letters NG, beautifully brightly coloured no fade. 4 prong centre intact, full gloss vinyl, revealing just the merest light surface hairlines under light. Top copy, as you can hear, it plays crisp, loud and clean.

A Side

  • Title: You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet

    B Side

  • Title: I'm In Your Hands
  • Year: 1965
  • City: United Kingdom