Marsha Gee

Baby, I Need You / I'll Never Be Free (Because I Love You So)

Uptown: 704 machine stamped matrix

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  • Artist: Marsha Gee
  • A Side: Baby, I Need You
  • B Side: I'll Never Be Free (Because I Love You So)
  • Label: Uptown
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: xol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Absolutely no cautionary "Buyer Beware" caveat with this listing, the rarely encountered original with the "machine stamped matrix"

Now strap yourself in, for an high-octane, turbo-charged journey into girl-group NS classics. Unfortunately this title is one of the most-often discs, to be erroneously sold as a Northern Soul collectable, the counterfeit copy from circa 1974/75 has often caught collectors unaware, sadly paying original press prices for 45 year old counterfeit replicas. You can't mistake this stamped original for anything other than the original!

An essential timeless Northern Soul girl anthem from the golden years of The Torch, Mecca, Va-Va's etc. that today is an highly elusive original to acquire.

Edward Wright and Harry Hanson fresh from their exploits with The Springers lead vocalist Jeff Dale who released three wonderful Atco 45. Showcasing their writing and producer prowess. In 1965 decided to move into the sister Soul vocals with their sessions with The Deletts on Blue Rock and this killer with the mysterious Marsh Gee; as the duo try and emulate "Motown" with the "Smashville" productions so closely mapping "Hitsville" in make-up and delivery.

The pair had quite a gift for emulating the "Motown Sound" as displayed with this foot-stomping, hand-clapping, finger-popping, horn-powered NS classic. Girl group backing doo-wahs fill the air as Marsha boosts here considerable vocal-force to elevate the song to new peaks throughout the song. Laying down one of the best loved NS classics that decorated that early 70's pre-Wigan Casino era of cornerstone Northern Soul.

I feel this recording could easily have been credited to the girl group Deletts, as the similarities are stark; or was Marsha a Delett? Were the girls in the background the foundation of the Deletts? This is of course, essentially a girl-group recording... that interesting links the two artist credits. Any extra info would be most welcome as we try to document those dark recesses of Northern Soul's greatest recordings.

But do not overlook the classy mid-tempo flipside, also more than worthy of you attention.

and relax in the assurance this is the seldom-seen authentic 1965 "machine stamped matrix" original.

Condition Report

small black X on black labels, almost unnoticeable, spectacular full gloss mint minus vinyl. A stunning copy!

A Side

  • Title: Baby, I Need You

    B Side

  • Title: I'll Never Be Free (Because I Love You So)
  • Year: 1965
  • City: Philadelphia, Pa.