Marlina Mars

I'm Gonna Hold On To Your Love / Inside I've Died

MGM : K 13404


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  • Artist: Marlina Mars
  • A Side: I'm Gonna Hold On To Your Love
  • B Side: Inside I've Died
  • Label: MGM
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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For those of you serious about those seldom seen "Black" stock copies of cool Northern Soul 45s, try finding this double helping of NS as a stock copy.

Not only extremely rare in this format, but also this Northern Soul double-killer has slept for far too long. The talented New Yorker, Marlene Jenkins released fully six notable Northern Soul 45's on Capitol, Okeh and 3 for MGM, several of which were composed by the lady herself.

This overlooked gem is in my opinion her finest moment. The top side gives up classic style Northern Soul that instantly hits you with a barrage of George Butcher conducted horns, that he carefully contrasts with a persistent shrill girl group chorus. A highly effective landscape for Marlene's ease of vocal to slide in to, as she tells of her tactics to hold on to her man. This besotted girl is gonna play it cool, her voice convincingly gliding through this heavy duty production, that receives dramatic explosion of sound in the last third; when Marlina takes a pause, allowing Clyde Otis to bring in a full-on girl group attack bolstered by a brutal brass crescendo. Then she's back in full voice, to see this mighty tune home...

Why this brilliant hunk of girl Northern Soul has snoozed for so long is a mystery, thankfully these pages allowing us to bring a girl masterpiece to your attention..

But this 45 is certainly no one-side wonder, the flip is a beauty also.. "Inside I've Died" again from the pen of Miss Mars, seeps with what appears to be personal experience as she convincingly conveys the pain of love through a funeral-paced Big City Beater of real substance. Again those backing songbirds are in haunting voice, the simplistic production of rolling drums, and echo chamber females, transports her despair right into your space perfectly.

AWESOME example of Beat Ballad Heaven, gives you two heart-stopping tunes as an insanely RARE black stock copy.

Once hearing Marlina's dramatic vocal, you can fully understand why she was chosen to replace Francine Baker as "Peaches" in Peaches & Herb for two years. What a voice !

Condition Report

Two flawless labels, NO drill hole. good gloss, vinyl revealing only fine hairlines under light, none of which affect play.

A Side

  • Title: I'm Gonna Hold On To Your Love

    B Side

  • Title: Inside I've Died
  • Year: 1966
  • City: New York, N.Y.