Margie Hendrix

Restless / On The Right Track

Mercury : MF 1001

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  • Artist: Margie Hendrix
  • A Side: Restless
  • B Side: On The Right Track
  • Label: Mercury
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Out of all the Twisted Wheel classics who's popularity warranted being bootlegged on the infamous "Soul Sounds" Margie Hendrix - Restless - is arguable the least seen of them all, in it's original British clothes.

A Memphis made Northern Soul dancefloor detonator, riding a barrage of brutal horns, thwacking piano pulses elevated by a full girl group backing chorus. With Gene Bowlegs Miller at the helm there are many familiar passages which the clubbers were already familiar, from Homer Bank's almighty "Wheel" dancers on Liberty. So Margie's snarling-stomper slotted seamlessly into the dance culture of Manchester.

Margie was not a girl to trifle with, a feisty Diva that took no mess, and it shows in her voice. A time served girl-group singer who graduated from The Cookies to Ray Charles's Raelettes, before being honoured with duets with Ray and later giving birth to his child. Who could ever forget Regina King's portrayal of Margie in the movie "Ray" as she struts through Margie singing "Hit The Road Jack", Regina King apparently mimicking Margie's character so convincingly.

"Restless" was perhaps the gutsiest Northern Soul play at "The Wheel". Not a morsel of prettiness with this mighty session, it is a ballsy, brutal dancer ; relentless from start to finish.. bridged by classic style Memphis horns break exploding towards the finale.

But this 45 is so much more than a one-side wonder. The flipside "On The Right Track" is just as good, another uncompromising "Bowlegs" conducted winner... making this a double sider of real substance.

Condition is a dream, all serious British collectors will confirm this classic rarely turns up on the UK release in this stunning condition...

Condition Report

As good as you could dream of owning, two clean labels, near unblemished mint minus vinyl, all housed in birth sleeve.

A Side

  • Title: Restless

    B Side

  • Title: On The Right Track
  • Year: 1967
  • City: United Kingdom