Count The Days / When I'm With My Baby

Sable : 101

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  • Artist: Magnetics
  • A Side: Count The Days
  • B Side: When I'm With My Baby
  • Label: Sable
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Top-Of-The-Scene vocal-group Northern Soul - HOLY GRAIL!

First discovered in the autumn of 1977 under a piano in a house in Columbus, Ohio to grace the turntables of Cleethorpes Winter Gardens, but not as the truly awesome "Count The Days" but as the magnificently motivating "When I'm With My Baby".

In those heady days of the upbeat dancer, the beauty of "Count The Days" somehow passed me by. That actually the song was a complete masterpiece of the Chicago vocal-group sound. A glorious showering of male voices, woven into a haunting arrangement constructed by one of the Chicago genius conductors, Richard Evans. Richard also presided over the group's other magnificent Sable 45 "I'll Keep Holding On". Richard Evans is now becoming an often noted musical director on these pages for crafting standout Northern Soul.

After years of being a blinkered Northern Soul DJ, seeking only dancefloor energy to drop onto the turntables. "Count The Days" has since been elevated to the dizzy heights, of my all-time top 10 Northern Soul singles.

The subtle softness of the bass guitar intro, drifts ghost-like, on a wave of vocal group cooing, opening up the way for Lee McKinney's edgy vocal to cut its path through, to those heart-rending lyrics. Considerate percussion invites you onto the dancefloor. Then Richard Evans gently dresses-up the landscape with heavenly horns and the scene is now set for you to absorb those beseeching lyrics. Lee counts the days of the week, affirmed by his teammates as they glide skyward on a now blasting brass thermal.

This seamless flowing cocktail of group vocals and instruments digs deep into your senses, as does singer's intense urgency to get back home to his girl. Presumably after a gruelling tour of duty in Vietnam.

The side that took Cleethorpes by storm on its debut is pure undiluted vocal-group Northern Soul, an instantaneous dancefloor incendiary-device saturated with everything we love, to be able to fully express yourself on the Northern Soul dancefloor.

PROPER NORTHERN SOUL. which ever side you drop the arm on! A seriously rare 45. A GRAIL, saturated in the ability to lift your day, your week, your year - actually your life - as this is a must own before you die Northern Soul experience.

Condition Report

Two clean labels, bright crisp vinyl revealing only soft background crackle on the run-in of "Count The Days"

A Side

  • Title: Count The Days

    B Side

  • Title: When I'm With My Baby
  • Year: 1966
  • City: Detroit, Michigan