Mac Staten and The Nomads

There She Goes / Do The Freeze

Prelude: 1111

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  • Artist: Mac Staten and The Nomads
  • A Side: There She Goes
  • B Side: Do The Freeze
  • Label: Prelude
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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San Diego's premier R&B/Surf band formed in 1959, earning themselves a huge local reputation through the 60's. Here is their most sought-after 45. Constructed by lead voice Mac Staten, elevasted by a magnificently moody lew Fay sax littering the session. A rare Northern Soul dancer with an erroneous 1963 release date on several websites and even the group bio quoting 1963 as the release date.

After some in-depth research, The Nomads 2nd. release on the Prelude label, was in fact 1966 not 1964 and therefore "There She Goes / Do The Freeze" a more feasible late 1965 release. So all the internet information, including the Group's own biography was a couple of years out. Validated by their follow up 45 on Prelude "Icky Poo" (1966) That track considered an iconic example of Tittyshakin' R&B Surf, that does actually match the sound from that Southern California exotica sound of 1966. These guys were indeed super talented gathering made even better by the guidance of the great H. B. Barnum, who was at the taking an active interest in local talent from the San Diego area.

But this band were so much more than just H.B. influenced, featuring a plethora of talent with their 7 man line up, horns Doug Meyers and Lew Fay who was also San Diego's most respected saxophonist, vocal by "Mac" Staten, with Bill Rittel, Dick Blackwell, Dave Sleet, Greg Finley and Don Beck. 1963 thru 1966 were their major years for releasing 45's, that focused on a spectrum of R&B and Surf music. Their take on the 1960 Jesse Hill's "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" New Orleans classic, backed with their version of the Stax instrumental by Mar-Keys - Sac O' Woe you can hear The Nomads were inspired by early 60's R&B sound. Shifting slightly towards exotic instrumentals in 1966 most likely fed by the need to express their extreme musicianship to the limit.

Before you today is a Rarest-Of-The-Rare slab of inventive Northern Soul, that feels so '66, most likely 1965 with the combination of H. B. Barnum and the input from these talented band members typifying Northern Soul energy.

When first brought over to England it was an instant success being covered up as Bobby Angelle cover-up "She's My Baby". A recording conveying an uncompromising Northern Soul super-stomper; born of H. B. Barnum, who directs a relentless fly-past of menacing horns to guarantee instant NS dancefloor destruction, accentuated by Mr. Staten's explosive vocal assault on the senses. A ripping 2:20 minutes of incessant motivational firepower, perfect for those who can really dance the NS dance, it was an opportunity to lose yourself inside high-octane Northern Soul.

The journey doesn't stop there, just flip it over, strap yourself back in for another onslaught of real-deal Northern, as H. B. conjures up a dance-craze storm with "Do The Freeze", in the style James Brown and His Famous Flames would fall headlong into later during the mid-sixties, H. B. whips up a convincing cocktail of R&B/Funk again way ahead of his previous styles. Featuring a sustained Blues guitar solo decorating another brutal barrage of brass, burping Baritone Sax, horns and energetic percussion. But still the highlight of the recording, is the intimidating Mac Staten snarling larynx.

Cataclysmic seriously rare Northern Soul - which ever side you drop the arm on...

But to really get a feel for this over-accomplished, comfortably diverse early 60s band - do seek out and listen to The Nomads follow up 45 Prelude 1112 "Icky Poo", weird and wonderful Garage instrumental treasure, even without featuring that rasping Mac Staten vocal... rested for this recording.

Condition Report

Rarely seen clean labels, strong gloss vinyl delivering a crisp, clean n' loud experience.

A Side

  • Title: There She Goes

    B Side

  • Title: Do The Freeze
  • Year: 1965
  • City: Los Angeles / San Diego Cal