Lucky Charms

Tied To Your Heart / Love Is A Melody

Sugarhill : SH 102

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  • Artist: Lucky Charms
  • A Side: Tied To Your Heart
  • B Side: Love Is A Melody
  • Label: Sugarhill
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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So very Wigan Casino, not once but twice over as the cover/ups baffled the punters.

A Dave Withers discovery, that Wigan's much admired DJ Gary Rushbrooke brought to the masses covering up "Tied To Your Heart" as Johnny Caswell. Whilst another Casino Jock spun the other side "Love Is A Melody" also without revealing it's identity.

Has there ever been another 45 with both sides covered up by different DJ's with different aliases and the same record..both simultaneously being huge crowd-pleasers at the same club.. could be a unique Northern Soul phenomena. But to be sure, both sides do give up instant Northern Soul from this lively 7 man 1 girl outfit.

The label states "Nashville" but the group were seemingly from Washington, Georgia, not far from the South Carolina border. Which accounts for that signature Northern Soul Carolina sound of blaring trumpets supportung a rich Blue-eyed lead vocal. Whilst a racing keyboard sets the dance pace, for the percussion to relentlessly pepper. Then the compulsory Saxophone gets his moment of inspiration aiding the a barrage of trumpets that fill your heart and ears..

Carolina influenced Soul has long been a massively appreciated part of Northern Soul, both sides of this elusive disc validate that love and capture Wigan Casino at it's most vibrant and mystical... as the dance-crowd, NS collectors and DJ's countrywide ached for their true identity..

Oh the sweet torture of the cover/up and the delicious temptation of the instant Northern Soul sound from the Carolinas area...

Condition Report

A-side label signed by lead vocalist Bobby Jones, flipside label is clean. Both sides of the vinyl is clean, Mint minus. Very nice copy, carrying a ton of history with it.

A Side

  • Title: Tied To Your Heart

    B Side

  • Title: Love Is A Melody
  • Year: 1966 ?
  • City: Washington, Ga