Louis Curry

You're Just Plain Nice / Don't Be More Woman Then I'm A Man

Reel : RR 251

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  • Artist: Louis Curry
  • A Side: You're Just Plain Nice
  • B Side: Don't Be More Woman Then I'm A Man
  • Label: Reel
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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From the productive pens of Harry Lee Gates and Fred Brown who actively frequented the 60's Detroit soul scene, guiding the likes of J. J. Barnes and his sister Ortheia, Tobi Lark, Jimmy Coleman, Masterkeyes, crossing the path of Willie Mitchell on his occasional forays into the Motor City. As well as mentoring Louis Curry through his mixed recording fortunes.

The under-rated vocal talents of Louis Curry, sadly produced only 3 x 45 releases on Frank Martin and Jerry Snyder's M-S label, giving him only moderate success in 1967/68. Then came a short dormant period before Harry Lee Gates and Fred Brown again composed some material for him. Produced by label proprietor Augustus Walker on his short-lived Northwest neighborhood in Detroit imprint "Reel" label in 1972. It wasn't enough to revitalise his flagging career, sadly this was to be Louis's final 45 release.

But he departed on a high, with a killer double-helping finger-clicking Northern Soul, cradled by a slick uncredited male vocal-group, sitting behind Louis Curry's rasping vocal decorated with Dennis Coffey's precise plectrum. Resulting in a highly regarded Northern Soul sleeper that has patiently simmered away on NS backburner for literally decades, awaiting its big break to go further than just "rare, appreciated & underplayed".

unlike the flipside "Don't Be More Woman Then I'm A Man" that even now, goes under the coveted NS category as "unknown". Personally I've never heard any NS DJ play "Don't Be More Woman Then I'm A Man" even though ticks all the NS "play it" boxes. This will trigger a surefire turntable-voyeur rush if it was dropped before abd educated crowd.

An elusive Detroit double-hitter screaming out for a DJ who enjoys breaking "sleepers and unknowns"

Condition Report

Two clean labels only revealing the softest signs of careful storage, strong gloss on vinyl carries some fine soft surface hairlines, as yuou will hear none transfer to the stylus, both play nice and clean.

A Side

  • Title: You're Just Plain Nice

    B Side

  • Title: Don't Be More Woman Then I'm A Man
  • Year: 1972
  • City: Reel Records, 14183 Mendota Street Detroit, Michigan 48238