Lorraine Ellison

Stay With Me / I Got My Baby Back

Warner Brothers : WB 5850 DJ


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  • Artist: Lorraine Ellison
  • A Side: Stay With Me
  • B Side: I Got My Baby Back
  • Label: Warner Brothers
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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More despairing passion than any other female Soul record ever committed to vinyl.

When New York's finest came together in 1966 they produced what many consider the greatest female Soul ballad of all time. A collaboration between Jerry Ragovoy, Larry Weiss, Garry Sherman culminated in Lorraine Ellison's mighty Gospel trained vocal being pushed through the soul-sister-sound-barrier. Delivering a beseeching ballad that has yet to be matched.

A gentle piano intro does not prepare you for the build up of the spine-tingling, mood-changing female vocal-power, that is about to explode into your day. An all time great, that set the bar for all Soul Sister "heartbreaker ballads" to be compared to, for the last near 6 decades.

Jerry had already penned the magnificent almost unbeatable "Time Is On My Side" for Irma Thomas; the zenith of his writing career until "Stay With Me" was recorded, a year later he would also co-pen "Piece Of My Heart" for Erma Franklin elevating Jerry into cult status, and recognition as being one of the greatest producer lyricist for the big-production Soul impact recording.

For "Stay With Me" Jerry knew he needed a mature voice to pull off the extreme power, to send a message of an anguished woman in distress, pain, sorrow, grief, misery, agony, woe, torment and indescribable heartache and suffering. Lorraine delivers it all, in one almighty outpouring of inner-crucifixion by the fear of losing her man.

Utterly convincing, brilliantly distinctive, simply a Deep Soul masterpiece that may never be surpassed. But I feel Jerry Ragovoy wanted to tell a story with this groundbreaking 45, as the flipside seems to be a sequel to the impending doom of the lead side. As if it's part 2 to Lorraine's story "I Got My Baby Back" is a uplifting tale of joy as a relationship is repaired. With the added bonus of it being brilliant Northern Soul.

Two awesome sides of contrasting soul, delivering two opposite narratives that take you through an incredible mood shifting script.

As a flawless 1966 British white demo housed in store-stamped birth-sleeve this record is a real-deal Brit collectors trophy!

Condition Report

A glorious flawless, two clean promo labels, full gloss unblemished mint vinyl, still housed in a store-stamped birth-sleeve this record

A Side

  • Title: Stay With Me

    B Side

  • Title: I Got My Baby Back
  • Year: 4th November 1966
  • City: United Kingdom