Lorraine Chandler

I Can't Hold On / She Don't Want You

RCA: 47-8980 DJ

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  • Artist: Lorraine Chandler
  • A Side: I Can't Hold On
  • B Side: She Don't Want You
  • Label: RCA
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Lorraine second solo 45, pound for pound her finest. giving up two total Northern Soul prizes, it was "I Can't Hold On" that rose to become a Northern Soul anthem; but it could just as easily been the Pied Piper's choice of "Plug Side" "She Don't Want You" which is every note just as dancefloor-inspirational!

It was the zenith of Pied Piper's creativity, their golden mid-60's years, when their handpicked team seamlessly jelled, to produce not only quintessential Detroit Northern Soul. But in our opinion the finest, tightest most ingenious 60's Soul productions ever fashioned. Now heralded as a lost-art among the followers of classic style Northern Soul.

Jack Ashford, Ray Monette & Lorraine Chandler combine their lyrical prowess to construct a despairing statement of "defeat" as Lorraine can hold on no longer. All crocheted into driven bass-guitar led honkin' horm production, with those compulsory celestial girl-group choruses hovering above. The dance beat is relentless, driving from one crest to yet another higher summit as the song becomes more and more soul-destroyer as Lorraine decides to give up on her relationship. One of the ultimate Northern Soul Sister classics, that stays with you long after the song has concluded...

Sure the other side can't be as inspiring..?

But it is! "She Don't Want You" from the first blasting of brass, song grabs you with another signature Pied Piper production. Soaring girl-choruses cradle Lorraine's searing truth-telling, a Mike Terry saxophone break elevates this experience even higher. Those girls raise the chorus bar even higher, with Lorraine proving her voice is right up their along side any other Detroit-diva you care to mention.

An immense double sider of infinite quality, underlining the 60's soul-collecting oneness, that Pied Piper was indeed the unassailable production team, that provided us with this lost-art of impeccable 60s Northern Soul dance.

Two sides to die for in near Manship Mint condition.

Condition Report

Almost a Manship Mint!. Two clean promo labels, full gloss vinyl where you have to forensically explore to find even the merest surface blemish.

A Side

  • Title: I Can't Hold On

    B Side

  • Title: She Don't Want You
  • Year: October 1966
  • City: Detroit, Michigan