Little Sonny Warner

Bright Light / My Love For You

4 Bees Productions : 220

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  • Artist: Little Sonny Warner
  • A Side: Bright Light
  • B Side: My Love For You
  • Label: 4 Bees Productions
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: VG+
  • Label Condition: VG+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Label owner William Boskett certainly had a thing about "Bees" and also releasing tiny run local releases on utterly obscure labels. Even though this former son of New Orleans had cutting edge music industry experience, finding himself in partnership with the prolific Lloyd Price and Harry Logan in the late 50's on the KRC Records of Washington. Before venturing out on his own in the Washington / Baltimore area. Releasing one of Northern Soul's legendary rarities Gwen & Ray "Build Your Love On a Strong Foundation" on Bee Bee records. Now for the very first time, certainly in my diggin' career we are presented with another even rarer Bill Boskett project on "4 Bees" by Little Sonny Warner.

This is my first encounter with this 45, although I did know of his other recording with Bee Bee, another potent Washington R&B winner.

Little Sonny followed William to record, he was employed as valet for the executives of KRC records whist still plying his trade as a accomplished Blues singer around D.C. Getting his break with Big Jay McNeely in California on the "Swingin'" label. Before joining back up with Bill Boskent for two more sessions.

Before you today is by far, Sonny's rarest 45, his travel-weary vocal, emitting beautifully gnarled pleadings; suitably supported by blaring brass and chirping songbird choruses, guided by another familiar Northern Soul contributor Jesse Herring. .Jesse working up three simplistic components, building up a powerful statement of a lost-love. This is real-deal from the streets classic style SOUL! You'd expect from Conley, Pickett, Redding etc.

The flipside, is one for the Deep Soul aficionados to take notice of, Deep as rare as you like it. As Sonny brings a little of California to the East Coast as he changes his persona, lamenting in smooth Sam Cooke style with Jess Herring replacing bludgeoning horns to silky strings "His Love For His Girl" so very Cookesque.

Two sides saturated in the sound of the streets, from two old friends trying to make a living from music. Two sides that paint a picture of exactly how difficult it was to break a hit, this 45 sold nothing and today remains Sonny Warner's and Bill Boskent's "ghost" 45, that never surfaces for sale...


Condition Report

Two clean but softly worn labels, vinyl carries nice gloss, multiple light hairlines when angled in the light, graded vg+ strong volume. with only occasional soft distant tick on the intro.

A Side

  • Title: Bright Light

    B Side

  • Title: My Love For You
  • Year: 1965
  • City: PO box 2741, Washington, D.C.