Linda Jones

Hypnotized / I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby

Warner Bros : 2070

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  • Artist: Linda Jones
  • A Side: Hypnotized
  • B Side: I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby
  • Label: Warner Bros
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: E+
  • Sleeve Condition: E+

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Considered by most-every classic era Soul scholar, Linda Jones is the most majestic voice of all the many Soul sisters who have at sometime during their career been crowned Queen, Princess or Goddess of the Soul sound.

Sadly Linda Jones has been noted on the some internet notations as a "one-hit" wonder, which is an horrifyingly shallow legacy to note this great lady as. For me Linda sits along side Aretha Franklin, Doris Duke, Barbara Hall, Irma Thomas in my top five "Queens" real Soul music. Listen to Hypnotized (one ad only hit) and the other side "I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby" her only Northern Soul dancer released in the UK - both performances validate her as the Queen Soul Sister of New York who sadly passed away at the tender age of 27 but not before leaving a treasure trove of recordings for real-soul fans to immerse themselves in. For me and many others Linda Jones is the uncrowned "Queen of Soul".

Before to today is the extremely elusive 1967 British orange stock copy, on which Linda "operatic standard" interpretation of Soul, booms out Charlie Harper & Ronnie Miller's optimistic lyrics, woven into Richard Tee & George Kerr's irresistible vibe and horn cocktail rhythms, that Linda bellows an extra dimension into. Listen how she embellishes the production with impossibly explosive but crystal clear singing that ranges from a soft purr to an almighty sonic-boom of Soul! As Richard Tee controls those ever prompting horns into the perfect Northern Soul Soul dance beat.

On the flipside of this compelling dancer, Gloria Spolan & Richard Poindexter write one of the greatest Soul ballads of all time "Hypnotized" was Linda's only real chart success, a stunning full orchestral production lavishly decorated with a girl and male vocal group choruses, laying down the rich carpet for Linda pneumatic powered voice, that could have only been born of Apollo. Not before and certainly not since has any Soul Sister come even close to emulating the inspirational voice of Linda Jones.

Listen to the astonishing Linda Jones deliver on two modes of 60's Soul, excelling in both styles, in a way only Linda ever could. On her only 60's British 45.

Condition Report

Two clean labels, only minuscule signs of careful storage, housed in birth-sleeve. A-side vinyl carries full gloss, just the merest sleeve contact hairlines detect under direct light. Strong clean Mint minus. Flipside vinyl has a small scratch that causes a momentary clicks on the " Hypnotized " listen to the soundfile and prepare for Linda to change your day.

A Side

  • Title: Hypnotized

    B Side

  • Title: I Can't Stop Lovin' My Baby
  • Year: 1967
  • City: United Kingdom