Tell Me Why / Stereo 2:58 version

Reprise: REP 1185 DJ

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  • Artist: Life
  • A Side: Tell Me Why
  • B Side: Stereo 2:58 version
  • Label: Reprise
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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There’s so much inaccurate information within this minefield of Northern Soul collecting; we often use these auction pages to clarify authenticating misconceptions. Especially in the cased of this killer Blackpool Mecca classic; counterfeited by those Bay Area master-forgers circa 1976, they even cheekily pressed an highly attractive red-vinyl repro.

Firstly the simple way to recognise this counterfeit, is not to play it, but just look at it. The word STEREO does not appear on either of the counterfeit’s labels. The MONO labels are on both sides. So easy-peezey validation is just a glance away. Obviously the counterfeit plays MONO both sides as the mastering of STEREO and MONO recordings for counterfeiting purposes, was considered an unnecessary expense for Daly City Bob.

I have always held this Philadelphia pre-disco recording as THE greatest vocal group dance record of the early 70s.
I came to that conclusion the first time I heard it and have heard nothing in 45 years since that compares with the crisp, fluid, seamless production Walter Kahn crafted in the shadows of the Gamble & Huff’s Sound Of Philadelphia dominated era.

This is a work of genius that neither Mr. Kahn or the group “Life” would ever repeat. Standing today as yet another inspired, outside-the-box Colin Curtis choice of play and another accolade for the Blackpool Mecca already unsurpassed contribution to SOUL. With the DJ’s pioneering tastes that changed the face of Northern Soul by widening the horizons.

“Tell Me Why” will always been for me, stand as a moment in 1974 when truly superior vocal-group dancers hit the Northern Soul airways...

Condition Report

This copy is housed in its correct birth-sleeve Warner/Reprise plain front, logo’d back. Not a sleeve casually pulled off, another record with no consideration for authencity. Two clean Stereo/Mono promo labels. The playing surface reveals only mild surface hairlines, plays beautifully.

A Side

  • Title: Tell Me Why

    B Side

  • Title: Stereo 2:58 version
  • Year: 1974
  • City: Philadelphia, pa