Leon Haywood

Baby Reconsider / Goin' Back To New Orleans

Fat Fish : FT 8011 DJ

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  • Artist: Leon Haywood
  • A Side: Baby Reconsider
  • B Side: Goin' Back To New Orleans
  • Label: Fat Fish
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Set firmly in the history of Northern Soul as being the very first £10 Northern Soul record ever sold. A record that set the very first hotly debated "it's not worth that!" benchmark that has since raged on every day for the last 50 years.

Today to acquire "Baby Reconsider in Mint minus condition is rare achievement indeed. Here is a stunning copy, unlike the very few copies we have seen this century. This 45 has no turntable fatigue from challenging rigors from decades of gracing the Northern Soul circuit or indeed any signs of handling on that iconic white promo label. Check out the perfect crisp, clean high fidelity soundfile lifted directly from this near perfect disc. Just a mere whisker away from being a Manship Mint!

Our emphasis is rarity and condition. As the 70s vinyl counterfeit promo, the sound quality is truly awful reproduction. The UK Fantasy press is a different mix and the variously other reissues "Soul Sounds" "Vault" etc. would maybe disqualify them from the officious scrutiny of an OVO event. With most all of the few originals out there, spending decades running the gauntlet of multiple different turntable arms, varying styli quality and some even tortured by weighted cartridges; an all too common hazard of the Northern Soul DJ in the 60's ad 70's. This is a record is so rarely found in the wild, the vast majority of known copies know have been residents of the UK for an age.

Those of you dedicated to collecting the very finest Northern Soul classics, here is a seldom encounter with the real-deal. A chance to trap a glorious copy of one of the Northern Soul greats!

Now play the soundfile to instantly understand why in 1968, this was the "Twisted Wheel's" top-sound, the country's most-wanted record. Revealing why a teenager would sacrifice 2 weeks wages for such a highly prized 45. 15 seconds in and you would have willing paid a month's wages, given the chance in 1968.

THIS IS NORTHERN SOUL at it's goose-pimple inducing best.

Condition Report

On the cusp of the year 2020 this copy is as immaculate as you could ever dream of capturing. Mint minus, Mint minus unblemished with perfect sound playback. A stunning copy, a jaw-dropper. .

A Side

  • Title: Baby Reconsider

    B Side

  • Title: Goin' Back To New Orleans
  • Year: December 1966
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal