Lenis Guess

Just Ask Me / Working For My Baby

Le Grand: LEG 1042 DJ west coast

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  • Artist: Lenis Guess
  • A Side: Just Ask Me
  • B Side: Working For My Baby
  • Label: Le Grand
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: dol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A Golden Torch anthem that's seldom comes to market on the LE GRAND these days, long coveted as the label to own it on if possible, especially the stark White Demo!

A Norfolk Virginia flipside born of yet another union of Frank Guida - Lenis Guess who unwittingly crafted a song that diverted British teenagers from the a mundane diet of BBC Radio and local Disco mediocrity into a life dedicated to seeking inspiring 60's Soul dance recordings that inspired them like nothing had before. Records of this stature detonated dancefloors up and down England into a gymnastic sea of spins, backdrops & handclaps in 1972..

In our little Soul oasis at Kirby Lane, Youth Club in 1972 Trevor Hurd our local Soul Boy youngster, went to The Torch and came back with an acetate cut of Lenis Guess; which made him an overnight celebrity in Porkpieville. He presented his new acquisition to the DJ and every Friday after that, Kirby Lane Youth Club, Melton Mowbray would ring out to the thumping Soul dance tones from Norfolk, Va. We adored the record and Trevor so much he was affectionately rechristened "LENIS Hurd" a name by which all his Melton Mowbray buddies still greet him with on his Christmas visits home to this day.

We of course discovered later that Lenis Guess acetates with Frank Beverly cut on the flipside were not so cool after all...but it was the only way our ramshackle Nissen hut built for Polish War refugees of the 2nd. World War could quake under the power of Northern Soul anthems like Lenis or Frank.

Today listening to this 45 it catapults me back to our "wonder years" and the unbreakable bonds of friendship we made, whilst trying to escape "Tiger Feet" "Puppy Love" and "Moldy Old Dough". This was a countrywide phenomena certainly not just my home town..

I must point out though for today's market the other side "Working For My Baby" would be an inspired DJ revival choice.. that is so damn good, also!

NOTE this auction finishes THURSDAY 26th. DECEMBER "Boxing Day" usual live conclusion

Condition Report

tiny release date on the otherwise pristine West Coast labels. Vinyl is close to mint minus just a few feeble sleeve storage hairlines visible when angled in the light. Plays MINT!"

A Side

  • Title: Just Ask Me

    B Side

  • Title: Working For My Baby
  • Year: 11 February 1967
  • City: Norfolk, Va