Len Jewell

All My Good Lovin' / The Elevator Song

Pzazz : 050

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  • Artist: Len Jewell
  • A Side: All My Good Lovin'
  • B Side: The Elevator Song
  • Label: Pzazz
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Paul Gayten's picture perfect label Pzazz, pools the golden talents of Leonard Jewell Smith, with 4 other accomplished Los Angeles studio wizards. The highly gifted brother of Billy "In Crowd" Page, Gene Page who went on to become a worldwide driving force of productions within the Barry White team. Plus the prolific trio of Brenton Wood, Hal Winn & Maurice Rogers of Double Shot & Whizz fame. This dream-team crafts not one but two glorious examples of early 70's L.A. Northern Soul.

The top sides "All My Good Lovin'" has long been a Northern Soul favourite, so much so, it was counterfeited as a vinyl press in the late 70's, and as on occasions deceived the less informed collector, as both the bootleg and the original; shimmer with that most conspicuous colouring, considered by all as one of Northern Soul most beautiful vistas.

Before you today is the authentic 1970 styrene press..

The lead side lays down a platform of blaring brass with jangling vibes, Len Jewell's rich vocal assisted by and uncredited vocal group that must have included Brenton Wood for a timeless Northern Soul classic to emerge. It a record that has been loved now for over 4 decades..

The flipside is a completely different story, written and produced by Brenton Wood, Hal Winn & Maurice Rogers. This splendid slab of Soul Crossover in more recent times it has adorned some of the most respected DJ sets within the highly competitive A-list circuit of Northern Soul. A beautifully constructed dancer, featuring a bank of brass, a full male-vocal group chorus, stabbing trumpets landscape this meaty dancer for he creamy voice of Len Jewell to glide through.

For the thrill of NS euphoric-recall it has to be " All My Good Lovin' ", a too seldom heard top-drawer oldie. For turntable respect and adoration it has to be "The Elevator Song " a spectacular chunk of elusive Northern Soul that everybody In the room takes notice of when dropped.

An applause triggering... two for the price of one, top Northern Soul rarity!

Condition Report

Two mint labels, vinyl that only reveals the merest blemish under close scrutiny. a strong impressive mint minus throughout.

A Side

  • Title: All My Good Lovin'

    B Side

  • Title: The Elevator Song
  • Year: 1970
  • City: Los Angeles, cal