LaBrenda Ben and The Beljeans

The Chaperone / Camel Walk

Gordy: G-7009

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  • Artist: LaBrenda Ben and The Beljeans
  • A Side: The Chaperone
  • B Side: Camel Walk
  • Label: Gordy
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The man in charge of Berry Gordy's Gospel arm, Divinity Records the talented keyboardist, writer, producer George Fowler... took a brief break from religion to create a fine Northern Soul / Popcorn dance groove with the mysterious LaBrenda Ben for years thought to be a pseudonym for a better know Motown sister. But no, this searing vocalist was real but only got the chance of two 45's. Both of which fell by the wayside.
Destined to fail, as the avalanche of Motown hits rumbled over the top of her... George Fowler left to concentrate of the Divinity division this too would cease to exist by 1964... with Divinity artists like Liz Lands moving over to Gordy.

It seems to be the luck of the draw, if you became a Motown star or not, nobody could ever deny LaBrenda had one hell of a voice and indeed the shrill Beljeans had all that Motown chorus delivery exactly right. It was to no avail. George left on the Motown peripherals, picking up some work with the multitude of local labels in need of his expertise. LaBrenda however completely disappeared, becoming one of those mysteriously undocumented Motown artists.

Thank heavens for the Northern Soul scene, always on the lookout for a great tune undeservedly passed over.. "The Chaperone" is one super-cool early Motown dancer shimmering with all the qualities for dancefloor take-off. Currently enjoying the peak of Northern Soul popularity, huge demand for this 45 in Europe has guaranteed both George Fowler and LaBrenda Ben will never be forgotten.

BUt there's more history puzzles if you flip it over for a quick remake of Saundra Mallett's and The Vandellas "Camel Walk" Tamla 54067 which never really made it past the pressing plant door. As Sandra went on to better things, to become an integral part of The Elgins. Leaving Martha Reeves to take over the Vandellas-baton and run with it.

Two great sides one elusive disc.

Condition Report

Two squeaky clean labels, no bb drill. Flawless play perfect vinyl that only reveals the merest of storage hairlines under direct light. NIce copy indeed.

A Side

  • Title: The Chaperone

    B Side

  • Title: Camel Walk
  • Year: 1962
  • City: Detroit, Mich