Kenny Hamber

Anything You Want / Ain't Gonna Cry (Over One Girl)

Arctic: 131


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  • Artist: Kenny Hamber
  • A Side: Anything You Want
  • B Side: Ain't Gonna Cry (Over One Girl)
  • Label: Arctic
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: #ol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The genius of Kenny Gamble creates, a brilliant moody understated Northern Soul haunter that seldom turns up with clean mint minus vinyl, so you can fully appreciate the imploring pledges of love.

Both Northern Soul, Deep Soul along with Philadelphia aficionados and Arctic label addicts. (one of Soul's greatest independent labels, huge contributors to the Northern Soul sdcene)

This is Arctic 131 as the rarely encountered with beautifully clean vinyl, or indeed clean stock copy labels. A curesory google search throws up some horridly defaced images.

The first of only two 45's Kenny released for Arctic during those competitive later 60's years but Kenny was fortunate enough to work with the innovative writings of Kenny Gamble & Leon Huff during the embryonic "Sound Of Philadelphia" conception. Today both sides of this rarity 45's are highly prized, "Anything You Want" epitomizing the "thinking-man's" Northern Soul, made so popular during the stepping-stones provided by Stafford's Top Of The World all niter provided as booming mid-tempo

For a Love" complete with a flipside is easily his rarest. An annoyingly elusive challenge for the dedicated Deep Soul collector to acquire. For the Northern Soul collector the a-side a thumping stompin' version of The Valentinos classic "Looking For For A Love" does turn up on the promo with the blank flip.

Whether you collect Deep Soul, Northern Soul, the Arctic label or just appreciate and recognize seriously standout rare Soul 45's.

This is a complete disc most-all Rare Soul collections are missing..

Check out Kenny's impressive vocal powers, on both fast and slow Soul recordings..

Condition Report

Full gloss mint minus vinyl, revealing on a few fine hairlines when angled in the light, as you can hear both sides play crisp & clean. some in-house file numbers 394 39-7 written on a-side, number 39-7 on written on b-side label (see images)

A Side

  • Title: Anything You Want

    B Side

  • Title: Ain't Gonna Cry (Over One Girl)
  • Year: March 13th. 1967
  • City: Philadelphia, Pa.