Johnny Moore

Walk Like a Man / It's Just My Way Of Loving You

Date : 2-1562 DJ MANSHIP MINT

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  • Artist: Johnny Moore
  • A Side: Walk Like a Man
  • B Side: It's Just My Way Of Loving You
  • Label: Date
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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MANSHIP MINTS FOR CHRISTMAS - a flawless previously unplayed copy still housed in birth-sleeve.

It is quite surprising just how many Northern Soul classics from that "golden era" of the early 70's, actually carry flipsides that would cause the same levels of euphoria that their a-sides did 45 years earlier..

The Sweets _ Satisfy Me Baby - on Soultown jumps to mind, with that amazing flipside "Something About My Baby" hidden on the flipside that lay dormant for decades. Likewise this Golden Torch classic, by Johnny Moore; a record that triggered gymnastic excellence from the dancers at that Tunstall Temple of Temptation. A more perfect example of real-deal of Northern Soul would be hard to compare. As that trusty partnership of Jack Daniels & Johnny Moore once again craft pumping 60's dance Soul that takes you to the very edge of that NS precipice.

Rolling drums, twangy guitar, barking horns, and a note-holding Johnny Moore at the top of his game; as he jerks and weaves his way through the lyrics with convincing enthusiasm.

This is Northern Soul at it's most "classic" but lets return to our first observation, which highlights some killer tunes hidden away on NSC flipsides..

"It's Just My Way Of Loving You" is premier Northern Soul mid-tempo dripping with all the goodness that has nourishes those much-missed Sunday Afternoon chill-outs, and gets my vote for a drop at "Feed Your Soul" Newark next time we reopen... Utterly gorgeous emotional floater hidden away on the backside of a wickedly superior Northern Soul staple.

A MANSHIP MINT you would think an impossible find in 2020..

Condition Report

MANSHIP MINT still in birth sleeve

A Side

  • Title: Walk Like a Man

    B Side

  • Title: It's Just My Way Of Loving You
  • Year: 1967
  • City: Chicago, Il