Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon

I Don't Know Why / Honey Bee

Stateside : SS 2207 DJ

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  • Artist: Johnny Johnson and The Bandwagon
  • A Side: I Don't Know Why
  • B Side: Honey Bee
  • Label: Stateside
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: #ol
  • Sleeve Condition: E

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At last, having a rare DJ copy in stock allows us to sing the praises of one of the finest British Soul productions ever committed to vinyl.

This 1972 British release was a big play at The Golden Torch. For the "A" side "Honey Bee". One of quite a few "new releases" spun at The Torch during that open-minded period. It immediately spread through the labyrinth of local Soul nights and before it's deletion by EMI proved a very popular floor-filler..

In more recent times it is the overlooked flipside that has become far more appreciated. As "Biddu" weaves his magic once again, crafting a killer slab of Northern Soul; an utterly amazingly silky Crossover dancer saturated in class, as Johnny Johnson displays his effortless vocal-range, cradled by swirling strings and considerate horns and chirping sister choruses. It is not to strong, to review this recording as one of the greatest UK Soul productions of all time and it has yet to be spun with any level of consistency that would make the Northern Soul fraternity aware of it's stand out qualities.

Fortunately these auction pages are the perfect place to raise awareness of extra-special recordings, and the brilliance of unsung geniuses like "Biddu". At the time in 1972 "Honey Bee" with it's Motownesque production was perfect Northern Soul dancefloor fuel, drawing heavily from the Four Tops and The Chairmen of The Board capturing the mood completely. Little wonder it became a countrywide Soul Club, Youth Club, mobile Disco monster.

The flipside however was way ahead of it's time, if this were a USA production and we had just been discovered it, the value would easily break into 4 figures.

Before you is another reason why mediocre rare records have no place on the turntables of Northern Soul events, when quality of this level is only a b-side away.

Hard to find Green & White eye-candy giving up two contrasting sides, each with it's own charms and story to tell

Condition Report

fine clean vinyl, reveals only a few minuscule sleeve contact hairlines. file # on white A label, fluipside label which we lead with is flawless. Housed in dark blue Stateside sleeve

A Side

  • Title: I Don't Know Why

    B Side

  • Title: Honey Bee
  • Year: 1972
  • City: United Kingdom