John Parker

A Big Mistake / Just a Thing Called Love

Brunswick: 55427

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  • Artist: John Parker
  • A Side: A Big Mistake
  • B Side: Just a Thing Called Love
  • Label: Brunswick
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A rarely encountered and gorgeous "sample" BLACK stock copy housed in the correct Brunswick sleeve.

Here's a record shrouded in mystery, the writer and the producer seem to only have this 45 credited to them (maybe a pseudonym) because both sides offer up such high quality Soul that surely this can't be Samuel Stewart's first attempt at making a record, and John Parker could be anybody off a long list of John Parker's involved in music, one thing we do know for certainly it is not the respected British Soul collector / DJ John Parker... as there's no hint of a North Of England accent in those touching lyrics

It may be steeped in obscurity and present us with vinyl conundrum, but isn't that how we all like it...

Because this John Parker delivers a vocal delicacy, that surely could only be served up by a seasoned Soul man. Likewise those sympathetic horns could only have been directed by a talented producer.. "A Big Mistake" for me is one of the finest "Sunday Chill Out" candidates on the circuit at this moment. That's why any copies were snapped up a long since. To hear Soulful quality of this level is not an every day occurrence! A mood-changing delight, that digs deep into your senses drawing out those emotions that shaped you as a Soul Guy/Girl in the first place...ideal for Carib Soul, Feed Your Soul, Horse and Groom, Tuff Love, Diggin' Deeper etc. are all illuminated by this style of Pure Soul..

In contrast the flipside, in an upbeat slab of Northern Soul again all the better for those blasting horns, that takes on a more "Latin" stance as that expressive vocal ups the pace, for a solid dancer dripping in charm..

So who are you Mr. John Parker, and who is Samuel Stewart? There is no way Soul of this calibre is created by "beginners" ... is there?

Condition Report

Those seldom seen BLACK labels; the side we lead with has a "Sample" sticker on it, flipside carries an X (see scans). Vinyl has a couple of faint surface brushes (one each side) neither affecting play. So close to Mint - (sound is Mint) A mighty clean copy inside the correct Brunswick sleeve. A beautiful looking 45.

A Side

  • Title: A Big Mistake

    B Side

  • Title: Just a Thing Called Love
  • Year: 1970
  • City: chicago, il